I didn’t get much time in the sewing room today but it feels good to be back in there every day if only for an hour or two. Keith had his procedure today and I’d share a photo of him in his hospital gown but every now and then when I snap a photo he tells me it better not show up on the blog so I won’t. 

Becky helped me pick some accessories for the house while she was here, pictures, frames, things for the shelves, and we’re still looking for a few items. I’d like to find a piece of an antique quilt and frame it something like the two below but I haven’t found exactly what I want yet. I’ve been searching eBay for cutter quilts, vintage quilt tops or even blocks. I can always quilt it myself if I find the right piece.

I also found some barn quilts to order. They’re 12 inches and I think I’m going to order 4 of them. We may only use two or three but I can use the leftover one or two in another room or take it to Big Canoe to hang in my studio. 

Keith and Becky don’t agree where they should go yet but she’s coming back with Chris in Feb – he’s doing an 8k run here in Tampa – and we can decide then where to hang them. We also decided we’d sign up and walk the 8k. I need to get back to my walking! We had a beautiful  5.5 mile walk along the bay on Sunday.  


5 thoughts on “Sewing

  1. Nancy

    You and Becky make a nice “design” team. I like the ideas that you’ve found. When traveling, I’m starting to see more and more of the outdoor quilt blocks.

  2. Debra

    I have the same idea. I have got an empty Shadowbox that I thought would be great to put a piece of a cutter quilt and some other memorabilia in. I just haven’t found the right piece.

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