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“Cold” snap

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We’re having a couple days of cooler weather before temps climb back into the 80’s and we’re enjoying them. Last night we opened up the house, and as we sat on the porch, the scent of pine came drifting from the open window – I can’t remember the last time we had a real Christmas tree but it must have been at least 9-10 years ago. 

We don’t do presents, choosing instead to donate money to those in need (we also have funds that we established for the little ones that we contribute to at their birthdays and Christmas) but I find myself picking up a couple small token gifts to send to Adam and his two little ones and since Rae will be here for Christmas, she’ll get Simon the Sheep – who now has eyes and even his own quilt.  



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I started another scarf yesterday and worked on it during my flights home but I’m saving it to work on in Janaury when I’m traveling again so I decided to start a baby afghan. Mom’s been crocheting away and I found her a pattern that she used to make a doll afghan for Rae and I decided I’d make a baby afghan to donate using the pattern. 

Pattern – Sweet Baby Afghan – free

Hook – size H

Yarn – Lion’s Brand Ice Cream in the Strawberry colorway

I also had another dentist appointment. I tried to be proactive and have a crown put on a tooth BEFORE something happened but unfortunately the tooth was damaged in the process and now needs a root canal. It’s been bothering me the whole time I was in VA and now I’ve got another 2 weeks before they can do the procedure. I’m not happy. 


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Chris, Becky, and Rae head home to GA to morrow but luckily they’re coming to FL to spend Christmas with us. Rae loves her granny and loved being with her this weekend.  

We celebrated Becky’s birthday today at my brother’s. Kevin and Lisa are always willing to host a family party.  Chris thought it would be fun to reverse the numbers on the birthday candles – Luckily Becky is a good sport. 


Christmas wishes

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Rae says she wants a camera from Santa and I can see why … She enjoyed going around taking photos of everyone with my phone today — some were blurry but some were good and everyone was told to smile.

I like this one she took of her granny 

And this one she took of her dad. 

Her dad took a great one of her earlier in the day.  


Mom’s butterflies

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A few months ago I bought the Accuquilt butterfly die and fabric and convinced Mom she wanted to make the quilt and she did. Originally we were going to make two quilts – one for each of us but we agreed that we’d make one and Mom would keep it and eventually, I’d inherit it 🙂


I’d taken several of her tops with me to quilt  including – her baskets…. 


….and her tumblers

Both quilts turned out nice and Mom was happy with them but I convinced her that we should ask my sister Deb to quilt the butterflies and wasn’t I right? Deb has finished the quilting and even bound it for Mom. Gorgeous isn’t it?


I thought it was a squirrel!

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Sitting on the porch tonight I thought a squirrel had run up here with me and I went to shoo away it as it ran from under Keith’s chair – ugh. It was a possum or more correctly an opossum (I looked it up).  We’d seen one running across the telephone lines a couple weeks ago but I’d prefer they not come up on my porch!!

Photo from National Georgraphic site. 

TV knitting

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I haven’t been watching TV so my red shawl isn’t getting much of my time. Rather than sit in front of the TV, I’ve been sitting outside every night reading. Today, we’re watching a little football so I’m knitting a few rows. 

This is such a pretty yarn – wool crepe in shades of red. I don’t mind that this one is taking so long to knit. 



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I guess I lied earlier when I said I didn’t have much to share today. This scarf is blocked and the ends woven in. Started Jan 2013, I’d finished knitting it in Mar 2013. Yes, it sat in a bin for over 2 and 1/2 years waiting for me to block and weave those 2 ends in. 

Pattern – Falling Birch Leaves – free on Ravelry

Needles – size 9

Yarn – Madelinetosh Pashima, colorway Parchament. 

Looking over my notes, this was the first project I knit from a chart and the first one I used lifelines on. I remember enjoying knitting it but then I like the short rows of a scarf and frequently have one on my needles. They’re great projects for sitting down and knitting when you just have 20-30 minutes and they make great travel projects for the same reason. 

It was way past time to finish up all these projects waiting for blocking and to have their ends woven in. I’m glad I finally put them on my list of goals.