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No pictures of mine

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I keep forgetting to snap photos – we’ve had a busy few days with the kids here and are eager to celebrate Christmas. 

Becky has been helping me accessorize the house. We shopped yesterday and it’s beginning to look like we actually live here and plan to stay awhile – at least downstairs. 

Chris and Rae have gone to the park to play a couple times and Keith went with them today.  This is one of Chris’ photo collages – I think Rae is enjoying the warm weather. 

I was prepared for the visit with crafts to entertain Rae including some ornaments we made for the tree today. Maybe I can snap a photo later. 


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It’s funny how we get attached to doing something a certain way. Mom holds her hook like a pencil, I hold mine  like this … And neither one us can change. My little afghan is growing. It’s not a big one, just 3 skeins of yarn and I’m about half way done. 

Mom used this pattern to make a doll afghan for Rae … She brought both the doll, Mary Etta, and the afghan with her to visit so we sent a photo to her granny. 

Then Rae decided I needed to send a photo of her with the blanket to granny.  Mom was happy to get both photos. 


“Cold” snap

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We’re having a couple days of cooler weather before temps climb back into the 80’s and we’re enjoying them. Last night we opened up the house, and as we sat on the porch, the scent of pine came drifting from the open window – I can’t remember the last time we had a real Christmas tree but it must have been at least 9-10 years ago. 

We don’t do presents, choosing instead to donate money to those in need (we also have funds that we established for the little ones that we contribute to at their birthdays and Christmas) but I find myself picking up a couple small token gifts to send to Adam and his two little ones and since Rae will be here for Christmas, she’ll get Simon the Sheep – who now has eyes and even his own quilt.  



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I started another scarf yesterday and worked on it during my flights home but I’m saving it to work on in Janaury when I’m traveling again so I decided to start a baby afghan. Mom’s been crocheting away and I found her a pattern that she used to make a doll afghan for Rae and I decided I’d make a baby afghan to donate using the pattern. 

Pattern – Sweet Baby Afghan – free

Hook – size H

Yarn – Lion’s Brand Ice Cream in the Strawberry colorway

I also had another dentist appointment. I tried to be proactive and have a crown put on a tooth BEFORE something happened but unfortunately the tooth was damaged in the process and now needs a root canal. It’s been bothering me the whole time I was in VA and now I’ve got another 2 weeks before they can do the procedure. I’m not happy.