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Heading home

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The movers arrived yesterday and my sister and I worked like crazy unpacking and organizing Mom’s things. Mom also did a lot of work in the kitchen – my least favorite room to work on during a move! We even got a couple of Mom’s quilts hung. 

 This morning, Maureen dropped me off at the rental car place and I drove to Charlottesville where I’ll spend the night before flying out early tomorrow morning.  The views of the mountains in this part of the state (Virginia) are beautiful … Even more so than my photo taken from the interstate scenic lookout shows.  


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Is any move complete without a trip to Walmart?! (Or Target if you’re anti-Walmart).

Adam and Bree were in an accident a week or so ago, luckily they were both OK but his car didn’t make it … Yesterday they replaced it. Caleb and Bree are getting so big, can’t wait to see them again in March.  

My sister Maureen has been cooking for us … Tonight will make 3 nights in a row!

Knitting buddy

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We’re staying at my brother’s house for 2-3 days before we head west and after I waited for the (no show) cleaning crew at Mom’s and returned her cable boxes, we’re sitting and knitting. 

 Casper is curled up beside me sleeping – does he look like anyone you know? He’s a Bichon like Chesty but is twice Chesty’s size. Missing my baby…


Moving day

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Mom and I are sitting in the den knitting while the movers load up the truck.  

Mom’s knitting a scarf/shawl – she started with the Be Simple Variations that I’ve made a couple times but after a little while, she decided she would rather try the original one without the eyelets. Both shawls are free patterns on Ravelry – click either link to go to the pattern pages on Ravelry. 
Pattern – Be Simple Shawl

Needles – size 6

Yarn – Wollmeise Pure