Knitting buddy

We’re staying at my brother’s house for 2-3 days before we head west and after I waited for the (no show) cleaning crew at Mom’s and returned her cable boxes, we’re sitting and knitting. 

 Casper is curled up beside me sleeping – does he look like anyone you know? He’s a Bichon like Chesty but is twice Chesty’s size. Missing my baby…


6 thoughts on “Knitting buddy

  1. Ann

    Wow does he ever look like Chesty ~ interesting the difference in size though. The first dog I had as a child was named Casper. He was a well loved puppy!

  2. Penny G

    Nice to have a reminder, a little tug on the heartstrings,but worth it to think of Chesty fondly. Treat Casper well.

  3. Dee W

    I thought this was an old picture at first. Yes, we too all miss Chesty. It’s good that your mom has made this decision on her own, well maybe with a little push. My mom is not amenable to this, but she doesn’t knit, quilt, anything. No way to smooth over those rough patches in life. Drive safely, be sure to share pics of her new home.

  4. Linda H

    My mom was resistant when we first moved her from her home to independent living and now we’re having to make the leap to assisted living … it’s a hard journey for her (and us). But she’ll be safe and that is all that is important. HATE it when people are scheduled to provide a service and are “no show” and don’t even give you the courtesy of a call. Things seem to always work out though sometimes it’s a scramble. Miss Chesty and all the pictures you used to share. So cute in his sweater!

  5. Sherrill

    That is IMMEDIATELY who I thought of when I saw that sweatered pup. I miss Chesty’s appearances on your blog.

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