A long day

I packed up the car at Mom’s house (the house I grew up in)

And unpacked it after driving to my sister’s house 3+ hours north west … Great sunset views from her porch.  


16 thoughts on “A long day

  1. Deb

    Take care Mary. It is hard as while you are managing your own emotions you are supporting your mum. Our thoughts are with you.

  2. Deb Praus

    It is the family that makes a house a home but as I walked through my childhood home for the last time, the tears streamed down my face. Part from gratitude that my parents had lived in the house for over 50 years, it was the only home I knew and part from the reality that some things do change. Mom is happy in her new space, Dad did not get to enjoy it very long. Take care of yourself through this and enjoy the new adventure!

  3. Sheree

    Tough day. Hard to close and lock that door. Hope the love and wonderful memories that happened there will infuse the next family with the same experiences.

  4. Linda H

    Mom had lived in our house for almost 60 years when we had to move her out. On the last day I walked through and could “hear” the laughter and talking in the walls. It was a very emotional departure but we often now talk about the great memories that were formed in that home. It’s not the house but what goes on inside the house that makes it a home … it’s the love. It will take awhile but in the end will be good for your mom … and all of you. God bless!

  5. San

    It’s very hard saying goodbye to so many memories. Hope your mom is getting settled in and you both can get some good rest soon.

  6. SaraF

    Definitely a tough day on everyone’s emotions. I remember a similar day very well. Take good care of yourself too – just as you are taking good care of your mom.

  7. Ann

    Sending love to all of you. This has not been an easy move for any of you but life does have a way of moving on. Keeping you in thought and prayer.

  8. Penny G

    You need to go home and see Keith, but my guess is that you are waiting for the moving truck to arrive.

  9. Nancy

    Yes, it’s difficult to say good-bye to your childhood home. When the farm where I grew up was sold after my brother’s death, it broke my heart to even drive by. So many wonderful memories.

    I’m glad you and your Mom arrived at your sister’s house safely. Be comforted to know that your Mom will be safe in her new home.

  10. Nann

    I know the nostalgia of our childhood homes.
    The buyer who purchased my growing-up house did so as investment property. It’s been a rental ever since. About five years ago I had a meeting at the library in my hometown. I drove down our street and saw a “for rent” sign in the yard. I called the realtor and asked if it might be possible to go inside. She was very understanding and said certainly. My husband and I met her at the house the next weekend. I took lots of pictures. Much had changed but much had not. In the workshop, thumbtacked to the shelf over the built-in workbench, were furnace-service receipts with “Okay to pay” in my dad’s handwriting. The huge, heavy, all-metal office desk that had been in the basement office/family room since 1965 was still there. Too heavy for anyone to move! And, on a bulletin board screwed into the wall in the laundry/sewing/craft room — “Val loves George” in crayon, written by my sister in our Beatlemania phase circa 1963. I presume that all of these “artifacts” are still there!

  11. Cyndi Holguin

    I know it is hard to leave old memories behind. I hope you will find uptime for some very new memories.

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