Heading home

The movers arrived yesterday and my sister and I worked like crazy unpacking and organizing Mom’s things. Mom also did a lot of work in the kitchen – my least favorite room to work on during a move! We even got a couple of Mom’s quilts hung. 

 This morning, Maureen dropped me off at the rental car place and I drove to Charlottesville where I’ll spend the night before flying out early tomorrow morning.  The views of the mountains in this part of the state (Virginia) are beautiful … Even more so than my photo taken from the interstate scenic lookout shows.  

11 thoughts on “Heading home

  1. Sherrill

    I must’ve missed it==is your mom living with your sister or at an assisted living place or what? You’ve been working hard!!

  2. Ann

    That quilt on the wall is beautiful and really brightens up the room! Mom looks like she’s settling right in ~ give her my love when you talk with her.

  3. Florence

    Your mom looks great after going through that trauma and the exhaustion of setting up her new home. And, YOU are a workhorse!! Best daughter ever!! Hope your flight is smooth and pleasant and I hope Keith will be there to meet you.

  4. Shari

    Glad the hardest part is over for both of you. You Mom’s new apartment looks very nice and roomy.

  5. Sara F

    I’m sure it feels good to have your mom settled in after the stress of moving. I have family in Charlottesville and actually like flying in and out of there. It’s small enough that the whole rental car, checking in, etc is pretty painless. And it’s a beautiful area.

  6. Lucy

    Charlottesville, Virginia is featured prominently in the old TV show, The Waltons. It is one of my favorite TV shows ever. 🙂

  7. Grace

    It must have been hard for your mother to leave the home where she raised her family. But her new apartment looks so very nice, cozy and comfortable. It will be easier to take care of an apartment than a house.

  8. Angie Kiker

    Is this your sister’s living room, or does your Mom have a whole new apartment? I wasn’t sure. Wherever it is, it’s lovely! The quilt looks beautiful on the wall over the sofa, and your Mom looks right at home in her chair. Glad the move is finished and you can head home.

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