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I drove Keith to the airport and said goodbye this morning – I won’t be finished up here for another 10 days and I’ll miss him but he’ll be working and traveling on and off himself. 

 The movers arrive early tomorrow and then we’ve got a day scheduled to finish up things here … The weather is going to complicate things a bit this weekend as the area we’re supposed to be driving to is going to get hit with a big snow storm – of course it is January so we anticipated the possibility and have plenty of extra time built into our timetable. 

More knitting

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We got so much packing done this week that today is a rest day. Keith ran a couple errands for us and is with Mom at mass right now. I’m listening to music and knitting and when they get back we’re going out to dinner with my brother and his wife. It’s so nice to have Keith here a few days. 

My scarf is growing but I was chatting and had to take out a big section last night. I’m making forward progress again so I hope there won’t be any more errors 🙂



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Usually I’m somewhat frugal but I travel so much that I consider membership in Delta’s Sky Club lounge a luxury worth paying for – It’s nice to have a quiet place to wait for a flight.  

 Don’t expect to see any progress on my quilting the rest of the month. I’ll be in VA. 

More 9 patches

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Linda wrote that she loved 9 patches on point which is funny because it just so happened that I used the leftover blocks from the quilt I shared yesterday in a small quilt where I set the blocks on point. Don’t you love the Baptist Fan quilting too?

I’m getting a slow start today but if I make it to the sewing room, I might just tie a quilt. I’ve got two sets of HeartStrings blocks finished and waiting for assembly too but I’m not expecting to accomplish a lot more before I leave on Monday … There’s Keith, laundry and packing, and football claiming my attention this weekend.

Nine patches 

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I was reading my blogs tonight and came across Terri’s post on her 9 patch blocks. It reminded me of a donation quilt I made years ago … Don’t you love 9 patch blocks? I think it’s time for me to make another 9 patch quilt. 

What’s your favorite quilt pattern? I’m not sure I can pick one but I’d have to say 9 patch, log cabin, rail fence, and string quilts have been the ones I’ve made over and over through the years in one form or another. 

How space much is enough

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I’ve spent some time layering and pinning two small tops today and I was thinking how much I’m going to miss having this extra room to spill over into. It’s eventually going to be a guest room but we’re waiting until we remodel our upstairs bathrooms and replace the carpet upstairs before we buy furniture for our room. The bed we’re using now, will then go into the guest room and because it’s a small room, I doubt there will be room for much else in there. 

Since I got my cutting table, I’ve left my tying table up in this room and it’s convenient when I need an extra surface – like today.  

I wonder if I can convince Keith to put a Murphy bed in this room? I love the idea that it can be folded up most of the time and just pulled down when there are guests.