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Ready, set, GO

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I’m all set up and ready to quilt this morning. First up is the 16 patch.  

Then I pulled backs pulled for two of my HeartStrings quilts. Backs for all three quilts are from those pieced and sent to me by Tish. I’ve said many times how much I appreciate her generosity but it’s   worth repeating. I’m thankful each time I pull a nicely pressed and squared backing – ready to load on the longarm. 

We’ve had problems with our internet the last two times I was here which really ticks me off since we pay monthly for something I use only 3-4 times a year and I expect it to work. Last night it was down and I called for service. The tech was here this morning and it appears to be working well. He replaced some lines/parts so I’m hoping we won’t have any more problems. 

I have a finish!

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This was one of the 3 Tumbler tops I brought home from the Maine HeartStrings sew-in to finish. 

We’re packing for GA today, I pulled these 3 afghans and 2 quilts for donation   . Chris will take all 5 to an organization that works with abused kids. It will be nice to get them off the shelf and into the hands of the kids. 


Tying a quilt

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I think I tend to surprise my blog visitors when I talk about how much I enjoy tying quilts. It’s such a peaceful activity and I feel very connected to quilting history when I tie one. With just a couple days before we head to Big Canoe, I wanted to start something I could finish before we leave so I pulled out and layered one of the Tumbler quilts from Maine.  

I’m partially done so I should be able to finish it up tonight and I might even get it bound tomorrow but we’ll see how it goes. We’re remodeling both our bathrooms starting April 1st and we have to hit the store tomorrow to choose the tub and fixtures and I need to pack for Big Canoe AND get my steps in too. 

Destination walking

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While I love taking a walk along the bay, when I have a lot of steps to get in, I prefer destination walking. Today I needed to pick up a prescription and our drugstore is a little more than two miles from the house so it seemed like a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

I’m a little weird – I’m not motivated in the beginning of the day by seeing how many steps I have to do so I keep my Vivifit2 set on the number of steps I’ve already done at first … Don’t pay attention to wrinkly wrist and hand – I obviously need to mosturize more!!

Later in the day when I’m already past the halfway mark, I switch the screen over to how many steps I have left to do.  My walk to the drugstore and back knocked out all my steps for the day and since we walked to dinner and back I got an extra 4K in today, yep – past the 14K mark – that’s a good day for me. 

I’m so lucky to have a beautiful location to walk. Tampa has such interesting old trees – I really need to find out what kind they are. 



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Back in July I’d posted about the glass VickiW is making and shared photos of the pieces I’d bought. She’d been posting them on her blog when she had some for sale but now she has a shop set up for them. Check it out!

I love the small plates and the slumped bottles and have two of each. Here are two of my pieces – I’d say they were my favorites but I love all 4 of the ones I’ve bought. 


Mom’s assistant

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I did more work for Mom this evening – well technically I guess it’s not for her since the quilt is for my sister but I’m cutting it out, Mom will piece it , and I’ll quilt it. Not to tempt you but I love the colors in this quilt and the kit is on sale at Craftsy.  

The fat quarters are all cut and neatly separated for her – I’ll cut the black background tomorrow.