Plus 1

As my mother-in-law would have said, Plus Quilts are all the rage and I’m not immune to their attraction! As my final day of vacation goes by and I sit under the palms, my thoughts turn toward home and my sewing room.  

A quick google image search of Plus Quilts will bring up lots of inspiration  as shown in the screen shot below – different layouts, different color schemes and click the link to see one of my favorites from the Moda Bake Shop.

I love the tessellating versions but when I get back to my sewing room after time away, I just want to put my music on and sew something simple! Tessellating quilts take more planning and thought and I do eventually plan to get around to making one but first, I’m going to start this one, I didn’t even draft the entire quilt, just enough to get me started. It’s also Jelly Roll friendly so I’ll have a few decisions to make when I get home – use a jelly roll or not, a single background or scrappy ….

What quilt are you busy planning?

9 thoughts on “Plus 1

  1. Sherrill

    I started one a few years ago and distinctly remember laying it out on a flannel piece and rolling it up. Since the passing of DH and the move, who knows where it could be. Maybe someday I’ll run across it again.

  2. Stephanie

    Well … I WAS planning on finishing up another UFO.
    Now I wanna make all those plus quilts in the photo combo.

    Mary made me do it?

  3. Moneik

    I’ve been busy planning a Twist and Turn quilt, but also cutting a lot for a scrappy Trip Around the World. Lots of quilts on the brain, so little time. I’m really trying to finish up UFO’s too.

  4. Nancy

    I have made 5 or 6 plus quilts. The only ones I have done are the tessellating ones – several different colorways. One of my favorites is a black and white with a pop of color (teal) sprinkled through the quilt. I think you will enjoy the plus quilts quite a lot.

  5. Angie

    I’ve never made a plus quilt, but like the idea. I’ll have to investigate some patterns. Heaven only knows! —I have plenty of Jelly Rolls! I finished piecing a UFO. I’ve been determined to not work on anything “new”. And I haven’t pulled another UFO out to see what’s in the box. Instead I hope to work on the long arm and get some quilt top (UFO’s) quilted. I do get side tracked with machine embroidery projects though—And now this Plus Quilt looks interesting too!

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