Mom’s assistant

I did more work for Mom this evening – well technically I guess it’s not for her since the quilt is for my sister but I’m cutting it out, Mom will piece it , and I’ll quilt it. Not to tempt you but I love the colors in this quilt and the kit is on sale at Craftsy.  

The fat quarters are all cut and neatly separated for her – I’ll cut the black background tomorrow.  


5 thoughts on “Mom’s assistant

  1. Penny G

    Great gift for your mom to give her something special in an easy format to do something that she loves and it will be a great gift for your sister since it is beautiful and practical. Again you are amazing.

  2. Sherrill

    Ooo, that IS pretty!!! I love the way you and your mom work as a team. So good that she still enjoys piecing. How’s she making out with your sister? I know it hasn’t been very long.

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