Destination walking

While I love taking a walk along the bay, when I have a lot of steps to get in, I prefer destination walking. Today I needed to pick up a prescription and our drugstore is a little more than two miles from the house so it seemed like a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

I’m a little weird – I’m not motivated in the beginning of the day by seeing how many steps I have to do so I keep my Vivifit2 set on the number of steps I’ve already done at first … Don’t pay attention to wrinkly wrist and hand – I obviously need to mosturize more!!

Later in the day when I’m already past the halfway mark, I switch the screen over to how many steps I have left to do.  My walk to the drugstore and back knocked out all my steps for the day and since we walked to dinner and back I got an extra 4K in today, yep – past the 14K mark – that’s a good day for me. 

I’m so lucky to have a beautiful location to walk. Tampa has such interesting old trees – I really need to find out what kind they are. 


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