Tying a quilt

I think I tend to surprise my blog visitors when I talk about how much I enjoy tying quilts. It’s such a peaceful activity and I feel very connected to quilting history when I tie one. With just a couple days before we head to Big Canoe, I wanted to start something I could finish before we leave so I pulled out and layered one of the Tumbler quilts from Maine.  

I’m partially done so I should be able to finish it up tonight and I might even get it bound tomorrow but we’ll see how it goes. We’re remodeling both our bathrooms starting April 1st and we have to hit the store tomorrow to choose the tub and fixtures and I need to pack for Big Canoe AND get my steps in too. 

3 thoughts on “Tying a quilt

  1. Ginger in CA

    Unless my quilts get sent out to a longarmer, they are usually tied. I like the process. Your top inspires me!

    Where do you tie a tumbler quilt? Tumbler points, or?

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