Ready, set, GO

I’m all set up and ready to quilt this morning. First up is the 16 patch.  

Then I pulled backs pulled for two of my HeartStrings quilts. Backs for all three quilts are from those pieced and sent to me by Tish. I’ve said many times how much I appreciate her generosity but it’s   worth repeating. I’m thankful each time I pull a nicely pressed and squared backing – ready to load on the longarm. 

We’ve had problems with our internet the last two times I was here which really ticks me off since we pay monthly for something I use only 3-4 times a year and I expect it to work. Last night it was down and I called for service. The tech was here this morning and it appears to be working well. He replaced some lines/parts so I’m hoping we won’t have any more problems. 

6 thoughts on “Ready, set, GO

  1. Sherrill

    I get aggravated, too, when I have issued the TV or internet given the amt. of money I pay (very mad face here! LOL). I love the owl fabric in your picture–too cute!

  2. SaraF

    Very cute backs for those kid quilts.

    We are pretty dependent on a stable Internet connection these days – for just about everything. So I know how you feel when it isn’t working.

  3. Penny G

    I have an internet that they say is working properly. Some days it is so slow I am about to scream. Whenever I or one of my neighbors calls the provider, they come out and everything is fine. In our case it happens 2 or 3 times every day. I pay for the higher speed so it isn’t that I am suffering because I am cheap, but they reassured my neighbor that soon an even more expensive upgrade will be available. My husband says the bandwidth is overloaded and that the issue won’t be fixed unless they realign the bandwidth distribution which he doubts will happen. Over my head. Never took enough physics or EE to understand this.

  4. Megan

    Mary – could you not use a mobile broadband modem for internet connection? That way you would only be paying for what you actually use, not for a fixed monthly connection that costs money even when you’re not there. I’ve recently invested in this set up: the modem cost me $50 – a one-off purchase – and I elected to pay $50 for xGB (I can’t recall how many ‘x’ was, but it was a lot), and I can just top up the data when I’m close to using it all up.

  5. Crystal F

    Thanks for the tip on Walking4Fun. I have started to use it and it really keeps me motivated. I am walking around Crater Lake. Not a bad place to start for a new retiree. Thanks again!

    PS…I love your quilt patterns and I have made many of them.

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