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Taking stock

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I packed up the tops going to GA today – it was a good opportunity to take a look at what’s waiting for quilting.

These 3 tops of Mom’s will join the 3 I already have there waiting and I hope to get 2 of hers quilted next week while I’m there.  I don’t plan to set up the sewing machine because it’s a quick visit so I pieced two backs for her quilts this afternoon. 

These smaller tops of mine are staying here – I’m not sure they’ll all be quilted here but for now that’s the plan.  In total, including a few not shown I have:

  • 3 tumbler quilts from the last Maine HeartStrings sew-in that need to be finished (before September)
  • 3 doll quilts
  • 9 child size quilts – two are already basted and a third is in the process of being hand quilted. 

These are larger tops pieced since my last visit to Big Canoe in October these plus a tumbler I had originally planned to hand quilt are all going with me to wait for quilting on the longarm. 

That’s 6 plus 15 other finished tops already there in GA.

So to summarize – there are 42 tops waiting for quilting.

  • 6 tops of Mom’s to quilt in GA
  • 3 HeartStrings tumbler tops to quilt or tie in FL
  • 3 doll size tops to quilt in FL
  • 9 child size tops for quilting in FL
  • 21 of my tops tops to quilt on the longarm in GA

We won’t even talk about UFO’s kitted up waiting for piecing, the discounted kits bought, or the quilts on my ‘to make’ list…. At least not yet but I will soon be making a list of goals for March and April. I’ve got two whole months coming up where I will spent a part of most days in my sewing room – I can’t remember the last time that happened. 


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This was one of those days that got away from me – lots of paperwork and sorting, laundry, and before I knew it, the light was fading and I hadn’t gotten my steps in so I headed out for a 3 mile walk along the bay. The bay is east so the sun sets across the street from it. I love how it looks through the trees.  

I finally got into the sewing room at 9pm and was able to finish assembling the Plus 1 top. It took less than half of my package of 2.5 inch strips to make the pluses so I’ll pull 5 strips from the leftovers and use them to bind the quilt. Excuse the poor lighting – that’s what happens when you work late at night.  

My reward for getting all my steps in and finishing this top, porch time with a glass of wine! I love that I live in a safe neighborhood where I can sit out even late at night. Of course, the lovely FL weather is nice too. Just cool enough that I can sit under my quilt. 


Home alone!

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The kids left early this morning and Keith about lunchtime which gave me the rest of the day here home alone. Can you tell I’m thrilled?! I loved seeing the kids and we had a fun weekend and Keith is now enthusiastic about participating in races with Chris and me. (That sounds like I’ve done more than 2 but we do have others planned).  Since I don’t have a quilty photo to share, I’ll share one more of us before the race.  

And here’s another couple photos from the weekend. Chris snapped this one on our way to dinner Saturday. I love it when Rae chooses to hold Gram AND Pop’s hands.  

Watching Paw Patrol seems to be a Rae and Pop thing and he even tapes the shows to watch with her.  

After puttering around the house, washing sheets, putting my sewing room back together, I finished piecing all my Plus blocks and I’ve even started sewing the rows together. I’ll work some more on it later but first, I need to get more steps in – this day has flown by!


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Our visitors arrived Friday night and today we went to the convention center to pick up our race packets. This one is just an 8k which is good because I haven’t had any training time although I am keeping up with my steps on the vivofit2 every day. Chris will run the race and Keith and I are walking it – just 5 miles but it’s fun to do it with Chris and he’s already looking for another 1/2 marathon for us to do. I guess I’d better step up the training!

The race is part of Gasparilla so there’s a bit of a pirate theme to it.  

Our very own Johnson and Johnson

 Keith pointing out our names on the wall 


And someone copying him with the pointing


How about a vintage Plus?

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I think I might play with drafting this one or something similar too. I love vintage quilts! 

While I should have been getting ready for my company, I worked on some more plus blocks. I haven’t decided for sure but I’m thinking I’d like to Big Stitch hand quilt this one so I’ll keep it about 42 x 60 which means I’m already half done. I tossed them up on the design just to see how it was coming along and I’ll play with the arrangement of blocks more after I’ve made all of them. 


Just a few blocks

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I’ve got company coming tomorrow for the weekend which means my sewing room will be a guest room but I couldn’t resist going in there tonight and making a few plus blocks. 

I have a 2.5 inch blue and green strip pack I bought from Craftsy (on sale of course) and decided to pair that with a gray – I have a thing against really light backgrounds especially for babies or children’s and donation quilts and I really would love for gray backgrounds to be one of the answers to that issue but the jury is still out on how much I’m going to like using them. For now, I’ve been collecting them and have started trying them out. So here are my fabrics for Plus 1. I’m going to use a single gray for the background. 

The blocks are super easy to make – cut 2.5 inch squares and 2.5 x 6.5 inch rectangles from 2.5 inch strips. Lay them out, sew the sides first then sew them to the center strip.  

Since these aren’t tessellating Pluses they’re really easy to make. Here are a few blocks with the ‘spacer’ gray rectangles.  


It was a long night and day

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We made it home – I didn’t sleep on the plane(s) so I climbed right in bed and slept the afternoon away. Luckily, I can entertain myself on long flights.  

Our connection coming back was through Minneapolis – I’m kind of glad home is Tampa these days.  It was -2 there when we landed and here in Tampa, low 70’s. 

We had about an hour to kill yesterday afternoon after we checked out before our ride to the airport so we sat on the veranda and watched the dolphins.  

I had mixed feelings about the hotel having the dolphins on site there.  It was really neat to be able to stop and watch them every time we walked out to the beach but it seems sad that they’re not free. I don’t know the circumstances so don’t know if they were rescues or if there’s some reason they couldn’t be set free so I won’t judge but Keith would have loved to have had Rae or Caleb there and gone into the water and seen and touched them up close and personal. 


New yarn

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I knit a while today and will knit on the trip home tomorrow …I  have more than enough yarn but couldn’t resist two new ones in cotton – my excuse is I need more cotton scarves for Tampa but in reality, I just like knitting with these color changing cotton yarns. It’s a little bit more challenging knitting the unplied strands but the results are always very nice!