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I wasn’t thrilled with this little one when I finished the top, I’d used a Jelly Roll and thought that it might have benefited from the addition of a background fabric to calm things down a little but now that it’s done,  I like it OK.  Instructions are on my website – 16 patch and framed 4 patch. 

I’m almost finished assembling the Double 4 patch top and might just go in and sew those last few seams tonight. Earlier today, I pin basted this little HeartStrings top too so it’s ready for quilting.  It’s nice having that table left up in the spare room.


I didn’t get picked

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I spoke to Chris today – he asked about my jury duty and was completely unsurprised that I wasn’t chosen. He said I’m too opinionated and he’s probably right. 

So since I was let go around 2 yesterday I’ve just been puttering. The double 4 patch blocks are all made and arranged on the design wall ready for assembly, I’ve bound a small quilt including hand stitching it down, I’m working on the knit scarf for my sister, and I’m reading. Today was was very rainy day around here and I managed to get out a couple times for short walks but was chased in by heavier rain. I don’t mind walking in a light rain but I don’t want to get drenched!

I’ve looked over my list of goals and I think I have a plan for the rest of the week. 

Doing my civic duty

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I’ve been summoned for Jury Duty tomorrow, I hope I’m just tied up one day and not the whole week but we’ll see. I’ve also sent in the change of address for my voter registration. It’s one of the move related items that never quite got finished up but at the risk of being controversial, the upcoming election is one that everyone needs to vote in.

I find it appalling that Donald Trump has gotten this far in the campaign and I’m hoping that enough people who oppose him will cast votes against him in the general election if he happens to win the Republican nomination. 
You may disagree and you’re welcome to leave a comment but I won’t get into any political discussions either for or against. It just felt wrong not to speak up and say that I oppose him. 

Moving on … Can you believe that knitting needles and crochet hooks are on the list of items that can’t be brought into the courthouse?! Guess I won’t be knitting to pass the time tomorrow. 

Plugging away

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I’m almost finished the Double 4 Patch blocks and I’m just working on a few here and there this weekend but some people work faster than I do. Liz saw my Plus 1 quilt on the blog  (I’ve only got my top done) and she’s finished two of them already! She quilts for Project Linus – don’t they look great?! 


Do you buy used books?

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I usually buy new books but I’ve had some luck buying used from Amazon when ordering out of print books. We’ll be buying some books for the new library and Keith wants this one to go with a framed photo of Chesty (maybe his ashes too –   They’re in a really nice little wooden box that’s been sitting in a cabinet since last August – that may be a little weird, I’ll have to see)

We inherited Chesty from Keith’s parents just a few months after they got him (long story) and Keith’s dad had named him after a marine he’d served with. Keith remembers this book on his dad’s bookshelves from years ago so it’s neat that he was able to find it. 


On my needles

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I find quilting very intuitive. I can look at many quilts and know how to make them without instructions – helpful since I like remaking vintage quilts but with knitting I usually follow a pattern from beginning to end – except tonight. I made two scarves for Mom and my sister wants the wingspan of one with the ribbed edging of the other so I’m trying to combine the two patterns without messing up. It’s not all that difficult but they do use slightly different methods of increasing. I’ve put a lifeline in and have doubled my stitches, let the ribbing begin!


Trending now

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I’m always surprised when I take a look at the website and see what quilts people are coming to see. I would have expected that the PLUS 2 quilt or the Double 4 patch that I’m working on now would have been the top two but that’s not the case.  My Quick Strippie and Carpenter Star seem to be the most popular. I guess my blog doesn’t have as much an impact on the website as I think it does. 

 Personally, I’m loving my double 4 patch but then I always seem to love the one I’m working on.  I’m further along than this but don’t have a new photo from today. 


A great space

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I know I posted photos back when we bought this townhouse – May 2015 – but we’ve been changing the layout. What is basically a formal living room is becoming a home library.  French  doors that we added, lead to a formal dining room which we’ve turned into Keith’s home office. Since we’ve moved to FL, if he’s not traveling, he’s working at home. 

This is what we call the family room – or the TV room. It’s on the other side of the wall from the library. A wood burning fireplace (yes, in Florida) and don’t you love those beams and the brick??? I do!!!

Also downstairs, a half bathroom, a breakfast room, and the kitchen. This is a huge townhouse, almost 3000 square feet, and I love it!! Three bedrooms upstairs including a master that stretches the entire width of the house. 

The upcoming bathroom renovation will update both upstairs bathrooms — this is the master bath which is very dated. I didn’t want to buy a house that required updating but we were lucky to find so much space right near downtown where we could walk to restaurants and shops. 


Stay tuned, the bathroom renovations begin in April. 

In progress

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I’m going to love them. I’m so relieved that they look good with the fireplace. There will be trim pieces on the front and there are grooves cut into the larger pieces of trim that will tie into the detail on the fireplace. We may have to tweak the stain color a little but over all I’m happy!

I think we’ll start looking for two library chairs again this weekend.