In progress

I’m going to love them. I’m so relieved that they look good with the fireplace. There will be trim pieces on the front and there are grooves cut into the larger pieces of trim that will tie into the detail on the fireplace. We may have to tweak the stain color a little but over all I’m happy!

I think we’ll start looking for two library chairs again this weekend. 

8 thoughts on “In progress

  1. Linda Adamec

    This is really beautiful, Mary. I love the color of the wood against the wall. Elegant. Understated. Peaceful. I can understand what a big decision this was but obviously your taste and execution were flawless!

  2. Penny G

    Stain color is so tough, but it is close from this picture. The lighting makes it even worse. Good luck on a match. My husband and I find that we can come close, but never match, especially aged wood and new wood.

  3. Linda H

    Would love to see it in its finished stage … please share with us. I love bookcases … we had an entire, formal library in our last house and I miss it … a lot.

  4. Sherrill

    It does look good..are you going to fix the fireplace so that it could be used on cool nights? Can’t wait to see the totally finished room!

  5. Crystal F

    I was inspired by your Double 4 patch and decided to make one using up my purple and ecru scraps….I am loving it. Thanks for sharing,, Your library is looking wonderful.

  6. Betty

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Can’t wait to see it finished. that fireplace is out of this world. You are so lucky to have found this beautiful place I decided, I am going to make the Double 4 patch. I just love it. Have a happy Easter.

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