Do you buy used books?

I usually buy new books but I’ve had some luck buying used from Amazon when ordering out of print books. We’ll be buying some books for the new library and Keith wants this one to go with a framed photo of Chesty (maybe his ashes too –   They’re in a really nice little wooden box that’s been sitting in a cabinet since last August – that may be a little weird, I’ll have to see)

We inherited Chesty from Keith’s parents just a few months after they got him (long story) and Keith’s dad had named him after a marine he’d served with. Keith remembers this book on his dad’s bookshelves from years ago so it’s neat that he was able to find it. 


20 thoughts on “Do you buy used books?

  1. Nann

    I buy used books from the library book sale rack. I have used Amazon a few times for specific books (now that I no longer have staff-ordering privileges).

  2. Deb Praus

    I also use and have had very good luck with them.
    Oh Chesty, we miss you too! What a wonderful tribute to him.

  3. Marge Harrington

    I have bought used books often and the quality has been like brand new and the price very low in comparison. I think it is Albris that has books listed by price and whether used or not and I have done that also with good results.

  4. Linda in NE

    I buy used books from Amazon for the library all the time. As long as they are designated “like new” or “very good” I’m rarely disappointed in the condition. I also buy used DVDs for the library and don’t have any trouble with them. I guess it’s a shame that a library has to buy used to keep the collection fresh, but that’s the way it is in a really small town.

  5. Dianne

    That’s adorable! How neat. I do buy used books on occasion, when it’s a good deal. I usually pass my books onto others, so as long as the edition is readable, that’s all that matters to me.

  6. Betty

    We have a Mr. K’s new and used bookstore here that is great. I buy or trade books there all the time and am very pleased with them. I also buy out of print books from Amazon and eBay. I think making a memorial to Chesty is absolutely perfect. I have 3 tins of Pet ashes in my home and I see nothing wrong with it. They were my best friends for over 18 years. We had a poodle that was almost 18 when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I would never leave him anywhere as well as the other two schnauzers tins. They are family.

  7. Joanne

    That’s cool that you have that reference for Chesty’s name. I think Keith’s idea of putting his picture and ashes with the book is great!
    And love the house — I downsized big time when I moved into town and except for the basement that I had finished as one big quilting studio — I don’t have enough space! I miss being out in the country, and I miss my log home with the brick fireplaces and the beams! Enjoy making it your own place!

  8. Cindy in NC

    I think keeping the book and Chesty’s ashes in your beautiful new book shelves would be touching and not at all weird. My parents kept the ashes of their last cat in a curio in their living room. When my dad died that little box was buried with him nestled in the crook of his arm. The cat got a funeral Mass and military burial!

    Like you, I “inherited” my sweet girl Emmie from a family member (also a long story). We always bury our pets, but when the time comes (that dreaded day is probably in the not-too-distant future, as she is 12 1/2) I plan on cremating her body and keeping the ashes in her very favorite place — my sewing room.

    Cindy in NC

  9. Penny G

    Yes I buy used books, but usually hands on. I used to visit towns with large used bookstores when I traveled for work, but now the only quality used bookstore is in the town where my daughters live. Real books are a rare treat in my world since reading causes issues in my life. Less with computers than printed text, but still some issues no matter what.

  10. Remnant Quilter Kimberly

    Yes, we buy lots of books used on Amazon (like dozens at least, could be a few hundred by now). Never had any problems with condition or delivery. Make sure the seller has a 98% or higher feedback score and you should be fine.

  11. shirley swift-bruner

    i buy used books everywhere….local library sales…amazon…yard sales…..thrift shops. my sis has a victorian house and she built a library full of floor to ceiling (12′) shelves….and we have filled those shelves….and shelves in the sunroom…and in the living room. number of books are 5000 plus a few. books are friends. that is a great find that you have there…..and chestys ashes belong with that book on a shelve. great idea.

  12. Linda H

    I have bought used books from Amazon when there is one that I want to keep (rather than getting from the library). I think this little “memorial” to Chesty would be VERY lovely. Beautiful idea.

  13. Jeannie Heier

    What a namesake. I had to Google Lewis Chesty Pullam after seeing your post. What a guy. And yes, I have purchased used books from Amazon, with mostly good results.

  14. Wendi

    My beloved Princess was cremated and all involved with me know that I want her ashes scattered with mine. Right now she sits on the dresser where she can be with both me and my DH. She used to sleep with us every night. In fact, we bought a regular King bed so that she would have the “width” to stretch out in. Talk about spoiled!
    I do not think that your husbands desire to have Chesty and the namesake sitting side by side is at all strange…….

  15. Sara F

    I love how you will mix books and other important memorabilia in those shelves. Those things bring pleasure and/or comfort so they should be where they can be enjoyed. I haven’t bought a used book in quite a while except for some children’s books. But I have bought used when I could.

  16. KatieQ

    Leave it to Keith to come up with a great idea. I do buy used books on Amazon and haven’t been disappointed yet.

  17. Kim

    Have you looked at the Goodwill Book Sale website? I’ve used it. Found it while browsing Amazon. The books I purchased were in new condition and the shipping cost was reasonable.

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