On my needles

I find quilting very intuitive. I can look at many quilts and know how to make them without instructions – helpful since I like remaking vintage quilts but with knitting I usually follow a pattern from beginning to end – except tonight. I made two scarves for Mom and my sister wants the wingspan of one with the ribbed edging of the other so I’m trying to combine the two patterns without messing up. It’s not all that difficult but they do use slightly different methods of increasing. I’ve put a lifeline in and have doubled my stitches, let the ribbing begin!


One thought on “On my needles

  1. Julierose

    Knitting was my first craft taught to me at my Grand’mere’s knee–literally–
    love that yarn color–so lovely–do you wear shawls? I’ve knitted a lot of them, but they end up hanging in my closet and I rarely wear them–I am thinking about an “EASY” long boyfriend-type cardi for my next project–it’s the determination of the size that always gets me…hope you have a terrific holiday hugs, Julierose

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