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I’m always surprised when I take a look at the website and see what quilts people are coming to see. I would have expected that the PLUS 2 quilt or the Double 4 patch that I’m working on now would have been the top two but that’s not the case.  My Quick Strippie and Carpenter Star seem to be the most popular. I guess my blog doesn’t have as much an impact on the website as I think it does. 

 Personally, I’m loving my double 4 patch but then I always seem to love the one I’m working on.  I’m further along than this but don’t have a new photo from today. 


8 thoughts on “Trending now

  1. Dona coffey

    I am right now hand quilting your Carpenter Star. My niece saw a picture of it on another website and picked for her wedding quilt. It is king size and I am quilting it with pearl cotton. When I finish I will send you a picture.

  2. diana

    I like your double four patch in the red white and blue, I have a hard time with scrappy, but I think that will be my next leader and ender project in a controlled scrappy! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and patterns with us! happy stitchin’!

  3. Ginger

    Oh, Mary, I love to read your blog, and peruse your how-to ideas! Many times I just wish we lived a few blocks from each other, and your energy and inspiration could rub off on me 😉 There are more than a few people who have gained so much by reading about your projects of all sorts, and your experiences.

  4. Sara F

    I must admit that I’ve made several of your Quick Strippie quilts as baby gifts. That might be my favorite “go to” when I need a quilt in a hurry. But right now I’m loving your 2 most recent, the double 4 patch and the Plus 2. I haven’t made either yet, but they are on my radar. Thanks for posting patterns and your processes of making the quilts.

  5. Betty

    I love the double 4 patch and want to make one of those. It is beautiful. I look forward to your post each day. It brightens my day.

  6. Vivian

    I’m guilty of helping skew the numbers: I did recently download the “Plus 2” quilt but then realizing that I didn’t have the “Quick Strippie” and “Carpenters Star” since changing computers, I went and re-downloaded those too! Oh and also downloaded the “Go-friendly” quilts since I just got one last month and the “Indigo Blue” since I didn’t remember seeing that one before. So it’s not the latest but what we need at the time that draws us in and we’re very grateful for all of them!

  7. Kelly Meyers

    I think I’ve downloaded almost all your patterns! I’ll have to start documenting my quilts in pictures too since I have not done a very good job of that in the past. Of course I have made lots of your strippie quilts but have also made the Carpenter’s Star, Patriotic Rail Fence, at least 6 string quilts and who knows what else I have forgotten. Thanks so much for making your patterns available too. I don’t have any quilting software and can sometimes work out a pattern or find a block that is similar to what inspired me but I usually look here first!

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