Doing my civic duty

I’ve been summoned for Jury Duty tomorrow, I hope I’m just tied up one day and not the whole week but we’ll see. I’ve also sent in the change of address for my voter registration. It’s one of the move related items that never quite got finished up but at the risk of being controversial, the upcoming election is one that everyone needs to vote in.

I find it appalling that Donald Trump has gotten this far in the campaign and I’m hoping that enough people who oppose him will cast votes against him in the general election if he happens to win the Republican nomination. 
You may disagree and you’re welcome to leave a comment but I won’t get into any political discussions either for or against. It just felt wrong not to speak up and say that I oppose him. 

Moving on … Can you believe that knitting needles and crochet hooks are on the list of items that can’t be brought into the courthouse?! Guess I won’t be knitting to pass the time tomorrow. 

22 thoughts on “Doing my civic duty

  1. Sara F

    I’m with you on the issue of Trump and actually feel this whole election has become so ugly that it horrifies me when adults act like they have. The world must be laughing at us.

  2. Betsy Malone

    I love your quilts and agree with you political viewpoint, at least on this issue. I am baffled on how he got this far and agree that everybody should vote. At least this year we should have a record turnout at the polls.

  3. Nancy

    I agree with you about Trump and also hope that everyone realizes how important their vote is this year.

    Two weeks ago, I received notification of jury duty (April-September). I don’t mind serving; I just hope when I’m summoned that it fits around my medical appointments.

  4. Penny G

    Political discussions are wasted this year. They can’t be fun because life is serious. The weather is rainy though.

  5. Sherrill

    I did jury duty a couple of months ago and was selected for the first time ever. It was the most BORING case I think I could’ve sat on..sure glad it didn’t last into the next day! As far as elections, Trump, Hilary and Bernie ALL scare the you know what outta me!!!!!

  6. Trina

    I got called once for jury duty. Apparently was cancelled. Maybe they’ll have puzzles while you wait. I think whoever wins this election will be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Makes me sad that there are candidates who think family are fair game.


  7. Pat

    I’ve been watching the 6 episode series “Race for the White House” on CNN. (This week was Truman vs Dewey.) It’s a good reminder that these elections have gotten very ugly before … we just didn’t have it in our faces every day with the media and social networks.

    We’re fortunate that we had some brilliant minds write the Constitution. As much as I find the gridlock in Congress frustrating, this election has me convinced that maybe it’s not such a bad thing that no one person has too much power.

  8. Sheila

    I have been called for jury duty several times. Often the cases are settle out of court. A few times I have been dismissed by lawyers when they hear my work was to protect the public’s health, especially children. Cases involved selling drugs, one near a school yard. I always take a book to read while I’m waiting to be called.
    Elections have been ugly before. Today it’s more in our face with social media. I like Donald Trump because he talks about bring jobs back to America. Because he is funding his own campaign and cannot be bought or controlled like other politicians, I don’t expect Trump to win.
    America will never be great again. The President says we should get used to unrest, bombings. Says it’s a different world. I think the president is right and I try not to think about it.

  9. Denise Porter

    As a Canadian I am glad I don’t have to choose who to vote for in your upcoming election. Seems to me all the choices are poor – its more the lesser of all the evils. Good luck with the jury duty. As a former newspaper reporter I have sat thru a few trials. Sometimes I thought the person was totally guilty and then they got off. Every witness swayed my mind back and forth a few times. Good luck with it all!

  10. Gloria

    No matter who one votes for it is important to vote! And to be able to vote by registering. So well done you.
    In my opinion, one cannot complain about the outcome of elections in which one has not participated.

  11. KatieQ

    In a conversation the other day, I expressed my extreme embarrassment with the current election cycle. The person I was speaking with told me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed, I should be angry because election campaigning will be poisoned for years by the actions taken now. I hope he is wrong, but I fear that the abuse of social media in campaigning will prove him right.

  12. Cindy in NC

    I’ve never been called for jury duty and am curious if the court also bans sewing needles such as for embroidery or cross stitch. I find doing nothing to be absolute torture and carry hand work with me everywhere (including to the hospital when I gave birth) to fill any potential downtime. I’ve had success settling down rowdy kids on a school bus during a field trip by pulling out a simple crochet project. Boys and girls alike seem fascinated with it. Maybe watching or doing a bit of hand work would calm down our political candidates, most of whom are acting worse than 10-year-olds.

  13. Kathie L

    I’m with you on Trump. I’ve served on one jury. It was an interesting gun case. Other time’s I’ve been called, but not picked. If you are a hexie maker, I’d recommend taking them along. It’s a great conversation starter.

  14. Kathy Upton

    I find Mr. Trump to be boisterous, arrogant, raucous and rude….he’s not my first choice for President….but as much as I oppose him, I oppose Hillary and Bernie more. I’m just hoping he does not win the Republican nomination.

  15. Susie

    Well… Everyone has their own opinion but Trump will be the only one that actually will control our borders & isn’t influenced by lobbyist & the like. I vote for the person & not the party. Both parties stink. Also I don’t listen to all the biased dishonest media. I have a feeling the government or whoever is running our country already have their president picked just like Obama was. We see how that turned out. The whole process is disgusting. Enough said on this subject & I don’t want to open up a can of worms.

  16. Dee W

    I was on a high profile murder case jury pool, and they didn’t allow phones, purses, books any stitching at all. They wanted everyone to listen to the questions asked so that if there was an objection on your part you could say that you didn’t agree, or couldn’t serve because. I didn’t get called, but it was an experience. They worried that it was so high profile, such a well known victim, that they would have to move the trial. I talked to my lawyer friend about it later and we discussed the people chosen and he told me why they probably were chosen. And he was convicted.

  17. Sharon Jones

    (Unfortunately), I have never been called for jury duty, can see myself on a nice juicy case, touch of sarcasm there.

    Seriously, what a joke, no knitting needles of crochet hpoks, what do they think you will knit everyone matching beanies and gloves! May some hand sewing or crossword puzzles.

    As for elections etc, personally do not think it should be compulsory to vote (here in Australia). Only catch is if you don’t vote, you can’t complain when they make a mess of things.

    Been seeing the illustrious (not) Mr Trump’s antics on our news bulletins. I feel for you guys.

  18. Peg

    I told a trump supporter the other day if he gets elected I won’t have to work anymore-he will piss off another country who will bomb us and we’ll all be dead. She was not amused.

  19. Shari

    We recently took a cruise thru the South Pacific. Every morning there was mini newspapers available from US, GBR, Canada, Germany, Austraila, and France. We watched the Canadian elections with envy. They were short and not vile!
    At nearly every port, the question “are you people really going to elect Trump?” was asked. The rest of the world is watching.

  20. Peggyinno

    And I thought Louisiana politics was dirty, but Trump is taking us to another level. No wonder we are thought of as “dumb Americans” by other countries!
    Good luck with jury duty. I had it just a month or so ago and I was out of there in 2 hrs. I didn’t get picked. I had thought about bringing in some appliqué to work on, but things moved so fast I wouldn’t have had the time to even take it out.

  21. Linda H

    Bernie Sanders is promising the unsustainable. I believe it is time for a woman to be President BUT Hillary Clinton is NOT that woman – there are too many other women out there well-qualified and with better moral attributes than she brings to the table. I am hopefully (and praying) that the Republicans bring another candidate forward during the convention that the party can unite behind. We need to have term limits so Congress wakes up and does their job. We are living in historic times and NOT the best of times.

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