I didn’t get picked

I spoke to Chris today – he asked about my jury duty and was completely unsurprised that I wasn’t chosen. He said I’m too opinionated and he’s probably right. 

So since I was let go around 2 yesterday I’ve just been puttering. The double 4 patch blocks are all made and arranged on the design wall ready for assembly, I’ve bound a small quilt including hand stitching it down, I’m working on the knit scarf for my sister, and I’m reading. Today was was very rainy day around here and I managed to get out a couple times for short walks but was chased in by heavier rain. I don’t mind walking in a light rain but I don’t want to get drenched!

I’ve looked over my list of goals and I think I have a plan for the rest of the week. 

5 thoughts on “I didn’t get picked

  1. Sara F

    I wasn’t picked either when I was called for jury duty the last time 2 years ago. I’m pretty opinionated too, am a news junkie, and have a brother-in-law in local law enforcement. So I wasn’t surprised. And the only other time I was on the list I was pregnant with my youngest daughter 32 years ago. I begged to be excused due to my condition, and my request was granted.

  2. Linda H

    I was picked for jury duty despite the fact that I had been a paralegal for years, had worked with law enforcement departments and am licensed to carry a weapon … and the case involved domestic abuse and a firearm!! I was shocked … but then received a call days later that the case had been resolved at the back of the court room (plea bargain) and the jury was released. You just never know! Linda

  3. Diann

    I used to get picked QUITE OFTEN. It’s not supposed to come around that many times. I was once asked some questions when the choosing was going on and my answer was “someone did something wrong or we wouldn’t be here”. Escaped that day by being sent home.

  4. Kathy in WV

    I was called for local jury duty 34 years ago and then in a federal case 32 years ago. I asked both times to be released as I has 2 children under the ages of 2. Since then I’ve never been recalled. Blessing or not? I don’t know. I would love to serve now—-I think—but thinking of the time involved and whether to be responsible for weighing the evidence incorrectly makes me think it was perhaps a blessing for me. I tend to over-think things.

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