Double 4 Patch – instructions can be found on my website. This version does not have a border although one could easily be added if you want a larger quilt. 

Quilt size is – 56 x 72

Block size is 8 inches (8.5 inches with seam allowances)

Blocks are set 7 across and 9 down


10 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. Florence

    Oh my gosh!!!! Three beautiful, totally different quilts. I want to make them all. Your double 4 patch — they are my colors in my home and I just love that one. When you first started the jelly roll quilt, I didn’t care for those colors; however, the way you have arranged them in color sets, you’ve created lots of eye-resting places and it’s lovely. And, of course, the heartstrings — just perfect! (You also must have taken a walk because I think your mileage went up!)

  2. Judy

    All three are great quilts, especially liking the double four patch. Your website is a great resource and I appreciate your generosity in sharing it.

  3. sara

    Thanks! What a perfect pattern for QOVs, and with borders, it will be the perfect size. Thanks!

  4. ---"Love"

    The R/W/B is my favorite. I WILL make that pattern some day! Thanks so much for sharing it. —“Love”

  5. Carolyn

    You know, I was thinking how generous it is of you to continue after all these years, sharing your patterns for our own use. I remember years ago when Bonnie Hunter was first approached about selling patterns or a book and she said she wanted to keep her patterns free for everyone, but eventually she did start with writing books and selling. You’ve never done that and I admire you for it. So, thank you for that!

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