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I’ve been threatening to buy a new sewing machine for years and have twice gotten Keith’s agreement and not followed through. I love my Elna but it’s 14 years old and doesn’t have a knee lift or thread cutter and most important – the throat space is really small which makes it a challenge to quilt on it. 

I’d intended to buy a Janome 1600P-QC but they didn’t have one in the store. I tried out the equivalent Baby Lock machine and left the store with it. Of course, I can’t sew without a  cabinet which cost more than the machine. I bought the least expensive one but they only carry Koala so it wasn’t cheap but it is solid. 

They also service machines and so I’ll take my Elna in for servicing. It’s overdue!

I’m thinking those doll quilts will make good practice and help me get used to the new machine. 

8 thoughts on “Sewing machines

  1. Dee W

    It’s so hard to buy a new sewing machine when the old one still works. But I got a new one last year when we were doing the all Iowa shop hop. Mine got wet in the flood of 08 but it still worked, got it cleaned, but was kind of on the look out for a replacement. We looked and I test drove at one shop but the clerk couldn’t tell me the price of the machine. So we looked around, found a great deal with a shop that provides great service, family owned. And last week the granddaughter texted to ask to borrow a sewing machine to do homework on her FCS project. First time I’ve ever loaned my machine out, the old one she always uses, without a boatload of dread.

  2. Kelly Meyers

    Will look forward to info on your new machine. I would love to get a new one but have no idea what I want or where to start. I have several Singer 301’s and a Featherweight and do almost all my sewing on them. I also have a Husqvarna Quilt Design II and the SD cards are beginning to go bad and I can’t find replacements anywhere. I like having a machine that will do various stitches especially zigzag and need something for friends to work on. When friends come to sew no one likes using my “old” machines except me!

  3. Florence

    Congratulations!! My Singer is close to 30 years old and my “new” Pfaff is now 8 years old! Both machines are wonderful workhorses that I have serviced each year. Sewing machines are the best investments and worth the cost. Have fun learning all of its wonderful qualities.

  4. Sara F

    It is always a bit of a learning curve when I’ve switched sewing machines. My current Pfaff is getting some years on it so I’ve been thinking about replacing it soon too. But then I think – Oh I’ll just have the old one serviced again. I can have my Pfaff serviced here in town. That does impact which brands I look at.

  5. Mary D

    Which Babylock machine did you purchase? I bought the Babylock Melody last year but…. it’s still in the box. I love using my vintage Singer sewing machines for piecing, they stitch a perfect straight stitch. My Singer 15-91 is near 60 yrs old and she is still going strong.

  6. Elizabeh

    Good morning, You will love your Koala table, but it is HEAVY! I also have their cutting table and love the height. Great for wrapping Christmas presents without killing my back. I even taught my hubby to use an old rotary cutter and ruler to cut the wrapping paper.

    I am trying to learn to machine quilt o my Bernini with small throat space since my back is starting to bother me when I use my longer for long periods. Will be interested to see your progress.

    Your energy amazes me.


  7. Judy

    Your new machine looks similar to my Viking MegaQuilter, which I love. It was made by Janome, so probably an older version of yours. Is yours straight stitch only? I actually piece blocks on mine too, just use the traditional machine for the occasional mending, etc. I feel sure you will enjoy it.

  8. Linda H

    I have a rather large number of machines (some vintage Singers and a few Berninas) which I’ve assembled over the years. My “normal” machine (current a Bernina 440) is in my sewing cabinet … love sewing with the flat surface. Shopping for a new machine can be intimidating … you need to decide which features you absolutely need/want and not get caught up in the hype of all the bells and whistles that are on machines today. Happy for you!!

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