Getting to know Jane

I started off quilting this little doll quilt. A simple meander in the center and a rather funky looking fern in the border. 

It was maybe a little less funky by the last border and I kind of like it. I’m not sure why I decided to stay with a contrasting thread – it blended well in the center. 

In general I’m not a fan of plain meandering but this Bow Tie top was the first thing I pieced at the Tampa house last July and I decided a simple meander would give me a chance to get the feel of the machine on a real quilt – starting, stopping, removing pins, controlling my speed… I couldn’t believe how much difference the amount of throat space made. It’s going to be even better when the machine is sitting flush with the cabinet. 

I think I’ll piece a Strippie next and get some more practice. 

5 thoughts on “Getting to know Jane

  1. Teresa in PA

    Babylock and Juki must be made by the same factory. My Juki looks just like yours, other than the label.

    I wish you were close enough to teach me how to free-motion quilt small items. You do such a nice job! I just can’t get the hang of it. My longarm is computerized, so no worries there, but on small placemats and mug rugs, I’d like to be able to free-motion quilt. I end up doing straight lines along the seams (hate stitch in the ditch – it’s hard for me to stay on that line).

  2. Mary C in WA

    Congrats on your New Machine! The little quilts looks great! sometimes a little meandering works! Fun stuff saved for the borders where you can see it.

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