I lied

When I left MN 2 years ago I said I wasn’t going to build up another stash in FL and I’ve done so-so with cutting and kitting projects while I’m in GA which is where the stash got sent along with the longarm. I’ve been buying kits — some with the intention of making the quilt like the Bow Ties others where the kit is deeply discounted and I plan to use the fabric for one of my own quilts, like the Churn Dash. I’ve also bought a bunch of precuts BUT I’m using it and finishing quilts so I won’t feel too guilty. 

I like to walk in my sewing room and work on anything I want without having to go shopping for a project. (That includes batting. I order these small batts from connecting threads when they’re on sale.) 

I’m all set to do some pin basting today. The batts and backings pulled from my stash. 

The simple pinwheel was from a jelly roll – discounted of course, the Strippie was kitted up from stash before I left MN, and the Rainbow HeartStrings from my string bins. 

For the first time in a long while, I feel like I’m finally in a groove with my quilting!

4 thoughts on “I lied

  1. Julierose

    Oh great tip on that batting purchase ;–))) Loving that purple-ey quilt in the center–nice cool colors…hugs, Julierose P.S. I have trouble using kits for any other purpose–i guess i should break them up and put them in my stash groupings…good idea buying them on sale like that….

  2. Lucy

    Do you get 100% cotton batting? Or is it an 80/20 blend?

    The jelly roll pinwheel is really pretty! 🙂

  3. Nancy

    Purchasing things on sale and adding them to stash is a good practice. I love when I can make things entirely from stash.

    All of these quilts and backings look wonderful. Have fun quilting them.

  4. sara

    Nice job and what lovely quilts. What do you do with leftover batting? Now that the longarm has arrived, I seem to have great piles of leftover batting, much of it in large hunks. Yes, I will piece that together for charity quilts and yes, I do use some strips on the Swiffer (batting picks up dog and cat hair really well) but what about the rest?

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