Making a choice

I believe that bloggers have a right to make choices about their blogs but I can choose not to read them too. I’m over blogs with ads that take up more space than the content and pop up in the middle of the screen. I’m removing them from my Feedly app. 

16 thoughts on “Making a choice

  1. Sharon Askew

    I am with you! There are so many blogs I have followed for years that are now so full of ads that it’s hard to read the blog.

  2. Teresa F.

    I’m with you. There are a couple I read daily that are ‘jumpers’. I’m constantly chasing the “read more” with the mouse/pointer or trying to see thru the opaque ad box at the top of the blog. And every picture has an ad embedded in it. I don’t mind ads that are off to the side but this type of stuff is annoying and time consuming.

  3. PegD

    I agree. I recently discovered Ad block plus. It’s an add on to chrome. If you open your feebly blogs in chrome you will see no more ads. It’s lovely.

  4. Nancy

    I’ve done the same thing. Bombarding blog readers with ads is a good way to drive them away.

    Ads are more than annoying because they also place “cookies” on your computer or tablet.

  5. Vic

    Yep…several of my favorite bloggers are so laden with ads that I couldn’t continue to deal with them. And excessive sponsorships… I can’t tell what is true and heartfelt from what is bought and paid for…

  6. Roma

    I totally agree with your statement, Mary! The ads drive me up the wall. They are just money hungry bloggers.. They all get a kickback for the ads..

    I love your blog.. !!

  7. Judy

    So agree with you and all above. I love blogging and love to read others, but the ads take all of the joy out of it.

  8. Susie Q

    And the ones with ads that take forever to load so you are sitting there waiting….waiting….waiting….to be able to scroll. And heaven forbid if there is a screw up in the coding somewhere and it all LOCKS up….

    I can’t think I have ever read a blog ad. I am reading to read blogs not shop.

  9. Billie

    You are #1 on my list for blogs! I read you before I read anyone other than emails from personal friends……blogs with ads I might read once a week. We have enough ads in magazines we don’t need them on blogs.

  10. Linda H

    I have also stopped reading blogs where I am constantly blasted with pop-ups or the links to read the blogs take you to a few places you don’t want to go before you get to read the post. ENOUGH!! I realize they make $$ from these ads but basically they are stealing my time to achieve that end. Enough with ads and pop-ups!!

  11. Sandy R.

    Amen, Just lately I have been annoyed by all of those ads, do they really bring that much revenue in to the blog owner?? Enough is enough!! I’m going to start bailing out from those blogs.

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