I spent all of March and April here in Tampa except for a week we spent in Big Canoe and I had a list of goals I wanted to achieve in that time. We also started a major renovation of our upstairs bathrooms which is ongoing but in spite of that, I managed to accomplish all but one thing on my list plus a lot more. 

I did not complete the hand quilting on the pink and purple quilt. The chair that I quilt in is in our bedroom and since the bathroom renovation started in the master bathroom, I haven’t been able to get in there and stitch during the day – at night, I worked on binding and knitting. 

11 tops were quilted 

  • 5 were quilted on the longarm at Big Canoe
  • 5 were child size tops quilted here in FL
  • 1 was a doll quilt finished here in FL

9 quilts were bound – two of the tops quilted were Mom’s and I trimmed them and mailed them back to her for binding. 

5 tops were pin basted for quilting and I might get one last one done today. 

10 tops were pieced

  • 5 tops are sofa sized and will go to Big Canoe for quilting on the longarm
  • 4 are child sized and will be quilted here in FL
  • 1 is doll sized

4 quilts were cut for Mom


  • One scarf was finished
  • A scarf and hat were knit for my sister
  • Feather and Fan blanket started and halfway done. 

And I walked over 350 miles!

15 thoughts on “Results

  1. Florence

    WOW! That’s more than most of us accomplish in a year. I’m looking forward to seeing your Mom’s quilts. Have a safe trip!

  2. Julierose

    amazing–you were certainly productive during your stay! And what a walking achievement–congrats on that one! You must be in great shape….
    it’s hard when your crafts have you sitting a lot of the time like knitting and quilting–(I have never been able to walk and knit– altho a friend of mine uses her fanny pack and knits socks WHILE she does her daily walks!! Amazing!!) Hugs, julierose

  3. sara

    My goodness, you do get alot accomplished, and gee, you did not even list the books you have read this month as well. Yep…….typing this and feeling like a real slug

  4. Sara F

    Wow! A big high 5 for all of those accomplishments. A combination of endless rain and a husband out of town for work has made for a very productive April for me too – except for the walking part.

  5. Jen Mang

    Wow, you got a lot done. Good job on walking too. I’ve walked the Bayshore Blvd. sidewalk. It’s suppose to be the longest continuous sidewalk in the world, & boy did it feel like when we were done going back and forth. It wouldn’t have been bad but we went for that Pirate thing they celebrate. We were dragging 7 tired kids trying to get through a zillion people.

  6. diana

    WOW! way to go Molly! Nobody can give you a hard time about you progress in April! And with constructions workers in the house too!

  7. Kelly Meyers

    I am always inspired by your lists and started tracking my goals and finishes in January. I sometimes think I’m not productive but when it’s all written down it is fun to see what has been worked on. I work full time and am in that season of busy jr/high school kids so my lists aren’t quite that long yet but looking forward to a long and productive summer!

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