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Blocks are done

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I’m done sewing for the day but the Churn Dash blocks have all be cut out and assembled and I’ll work on sashing them tomorrow. That darker purple has more contrast that it appears to have in the photo.


Although the black appears solid above, it isn’t, it’s a print. I use solid black occasionally but I think a print picks up less and shows less lint in the finished quilt so when I have a choice I usually go with the print. You can see it better in this photo.





Next up

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I should be getting the Rainbow HeartStrings top layered and quilted but I want to try some Churn Dash blocks first so I’ll play today and maybe get the HS top layered tomorrow or Wednesday.

I played around with a bunch of different layouts and options in EQ7 and decided to go with this one. It will be a smaller child size quilt that is approximately 40×53. I really am trying to alternate a small one that can be quilted here with larger ones that go to GA for quilting on the longarm but it’s hard, almost everything I design starts out larger and has to be downsized. I could have downsized the Churn Dash blocks to 6 inches but I like these big ones so I’m making fewer blocks and don’t be shocked but I’m going to sash them too. Not my favorite thing to do but I wanted some separation between the blocks and while I played with several alternate blocks they’re more suited to a larger quilt.

Bright sashed churn dash-001

The weekend fun continues

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My HeartStrings group is meeting in Roberts, WI to sew quilts for veterans entering hospice and I wanted to participate even though I couldn’t attend. On Monday, I started one of my Patriotic Rail Fence quilts. Late on Thursday, my GO baby and 8 inch Qube arrived and you know I wanted to play but I try to be very disciplined about finishing a top before starting another. I did a little math in my head and realized that I could use the 8 inch Qube to make a 12 inch Ohio Star block. (My instruction sheet calls for a 12 inch Sawtooth star).

 First I redrafted the top star border and using two dies, cut quarter square triangles and squares. The first block came together perfectly! Remember my post on the Qube – if you decide to buy one look carefully at the individual blocks – this 12 inch block is made from the 8 inch Qube!


I also made myself get the rail fence section assembled before starting the star blocks. There’s a border between the stars and rails that’s cut but I won’t sew it to the rails until the star row is completed. You’ll just have to imagine it in between.   

And since we’re having lovely weather, I took a break and we drank a couple beers by the pool.  (Pouring them into plastic glasses of course!)


Now, I’m going back to making the other star blocks. 

Race Day

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For fun, Keith and I signed up for the Tampa Airport Runway 5k and walked/ran it today. It’s easier for me to train with a goal in mind than to just go out and exercise every day. The big race will be a half marathon in February but we’re signed up for a 15K (9.32 miles) in October also. 

Pre-race selfie

I even got some race bling! This is the 3rd ‘participant’ medal I’ve gotten, the other two were for a half marathon in Fort Lauderdale and an 8K here in Tampa.  

I won’t be breaking any records but the pounds are slowly coming off with the training so I’m winning. 

What a beautiful morning!

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Most days I do my walking in the late afternoon or evening, the later the better, but it’s our 27th anniversary today and we have plans so I got out early for my walk. 

Are you tired of hearing how gorgeous it is along the bay? My 6 miles flew by!

I’ve had my new activity tracker for a couple days now and for the most part I love it. It’s a little bulky although it is light, and they’ve designed it to be easy to read outside in the sunlight so it’s a little harder to read inside but I’m OK with both of those. I can use the GPS feature on my walks to get accurate mileage and a ‘map’ of my route and the rest of the day it tracks my steps and reminds me to move.  I love how it even documents the temperature during my walk. 


Now I’m going to shower and sew for a couple hours before it’s time to leave. 

Starting to plan

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Months ago when I was in the midst of getting Mom ready to move to my sister’s house, we started talking about a family vacation. Keith is just the best at finding house/hotels for vacations and he found a fantastic one on Hatteras Island that we’re renting for Mother’s Day. Mom’s sister and two half brothers live in North Carolina so I’m going to pick her up and drive her to visit her family and then we’ll meet Keith, my brother, sister, Chris, and their families on Hatteras and then I’ll drive her home. She won’t have her entire family there but 3 of her 6 children, 4 of her grandchildren, and 2 of her great-grandchildren plus two of her son in-laws, a daughter in- law,  and a granddaughter in-law will all gather together to spend a wonderful 4 days together. 

The house is amazing! 7 bedrooms and 7 full bathrooms. A pool, hot tub, close to the ocean and sound. (4 floors but Keith made sure there was an elevator!)


The sunset views – gorgeous! I can’t wait for happy hour on the deck!