Keith’s been biking rather than walking because of problems with his foot. He’s been to the doctor and it’s improving but not quite enough – he did try a 5.75 mile walk with me yesterday but decided it was too much too soon. 

Today, I joined him and we biked across to Davis Island and had a picnic by the water. 

The speed and time stats are off because I didn’t pause the workout when we stopped to eat but the distance and route are accurate. 

I’ve been quilting a bit here and there this weekend and I’m almost finished with the HeartStrings quilt – I’ve even pulled out those lines in the spiral where my tension was messed up and I’ve already re-sewn them. 

2 thoughts on “Biking

  1. Penny G

    Hooray for the biking and hooray for the quilting. Especially that nast pull out an fix stuff.

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