I only had a couple hours sleep last night and still felt a little under the weather this morning so I puttered around a bit. I didn’t feel like starting the quilting on one of the little ones that I have basted and thought I might do a little piecing but I couldn’t decide what to start. I usually have a list of quilts that I want to make but somehow I only had a few fragmented lists left and nothing was jumping out at me. I looked at a couple kits I have – they’re usually good for when I don’t want to think or work too hard but I wasn’t in the mood to make either quilt so I toyed with a couple designs using the fabric but again, didn’t feel like working that hard. In the end I read most of the day and spent some time looking at quilts online. My favorite place for inspiration is eBay. 

I love 9 patches and this one caught my eye. 

This is an Interesting star and I could see using it in a different setting. 

I might bring some of my dies back from GA – just a few that fit the Baby. This pinwheel variation is one I can see making, maybe from 3 inch HSTs.

And this bear paw – I’ve had one of those on my list for years and I love this one!

I’ve consolidated the lists of quilts to make into one and I’ll be adding to it. These quilts will all go into my inspiration album – another project that I’ve been working on to consolidate into one album from several. 

6 thoughts on “Lists

  1. Kathy

    This pinwheel one has come up on my feed often. I think Missouri Star has one and it has lots of different names.
    When I want to sew but nothing is hitting me- I make pillowcases.

  2. Penny G

    You need a list! I remember looking at your lists in awe. Planning lists that I was astounded by with the audacity of things to do in a live full of upheaval. You had a planning list and a list for the next quilts, but I don’t see the lists as often anymore. Maybe I am not reading as often, or there is just enough uncertainty that lists are impractical. But yesterday just proves you need a list.

  3. Judy

    I especially like the second one, but the third one looks like a great scrap quilt. I’m thinking my overflowing
    3-1/2″strip bin could get a little time in the sewing room.

  4. SaraF

    You have found some beauties to inspire your designs. I’ve done that pinwheel variation – called Jack in the Box I think.I actually have an “old” one that is partially quilted packed into a bin just waiting for me to finish that quilting. I think I need to pull out the very amateur looking quilting and start over because that is why I quit working on it.

  5. Julierose

    Hope you feel better–it is 86 and humid here for the first time this Spring. Had my coffee on the deck and took it slow and easy this morning…brought out the fans–if it stays humid the house will warm up by tomorrow and that AC will have to go on….until our blood thins out, we will be a bit lethargic, too. hugs and hope you have a great Mem. Day weekend…julierose

  6. Shari

    A good choice of “to do’s.” I’m afraid my list is too lengthy for me to ever hope of completing it.

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