I’m not one to spend a lot of time on practice quilt sandwiches, I tend to draw something until I feel I’ve got the path down,  quilt a few short lines on a scrap while I’m checking my tension, and then go for it. I designed my little strippie years ago when I first got my longarm for the same reason. It allowed me to practice my quilting and still have something to show for my time in terms of a donation quilt. The three strip widths allow me to practice different designs and by the time I’ve repeated them in the strips, I found I’d mastered the design or at least improved! 

For this one, I’m quilting loops in the small strip, a fern like vine in the middle strip, and I haven’t decided yet what I’ll quilt in the wide one. Using the Adobe Idea’s app, I did a little practicing. (The Ideas app is no longer available but you could do the same with Adobe Draw)

I’ve made a start but have some errands to run this afternoon so I probably won’t finish the quilting today. 

By the way, there’s always that little voice in my mind as I start quilting one of these tops here on the regular sewing machine that says it would look so much better if I quilted everything on the longarm – after a number of years, I consider myself fairly proficient on the longarm. I ignore that voice and just start quilting. I know I’m going through a learning process – quilting is different on a regular sewing machine – but circumstances dictated that I would live away from the longarm and just visit it 3-4 times a year.  The number of tops that I can quilt during those visits is limited so if I want to continue to finish and donate a number of quilts, I need to quilt the smaller ones here. As it is, I’ve already got 6 more tops here that have been pieced since my last trip in March that will go to Big Canoe for quilting

4 thoughts on “Quilting

  1. Julierose

    the fern design is really pretty–I’ve never tried anything but straight lines on Helga; I don’t have a longarm so I tend to use the shortest distance between two points (hahaha); I plan to big stitch Cassidy’s quilt by hand….hugs, Julierose

  2. ---"Love"

    Thanks so much for this particular blog post. It has given me inspiration to try to make my FMQ practice useful for something. I’ve been lurking for some time, but I love reading your blog each time, and also digging back through previous posts. Your quilting instructions are very helpful; glad I found those! —“Love”

  3. Clara

    There are often quilt shops that let you use their long arms. I think you just rent 2 hours of time (or whatever) and stay in their workshop and quilt your quilt.

    If you occasionally rented time, then when you finally got to go to Big Canoe, you wouldn’t have to spend all of your time longarming and could relax a bit instead.

    Love your blog. 🙂

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