I hate buying furniture!

So for the last two years, we’ve been just sleeping on a frame and a couple months ago we ordered some new bedroom furniture which was delivered today. Here’s the old bed ready to be removed. 

Here’s the new one – with no mattress. I don’t know what they had set up on the bed in the store but the plush mattress we picked and had delivered was crazy high – like I could barely climb onto it.  Our bed in MN was higher too but it wasn’t that bad. We didn’t accept the delivery of the mattress and I’ve got to run over and see if I can find one that is short enough for me to climb into the bed and still comfortable – I sleep on my side and my hips can’t take a firm mattress anymore. The mattress was about 4 inches higher than those bedside tables!!!!

This frame is no taller than our previous one but the slats sit higher to accommodate the drawers. In hindsight we should have realized how high the mattress would sit in this frame but I think it is a mistake on the part of the store to use a very thin mattress or platform and to not give a true picture of what the height of the bed would be with a realistic size mattress. 

I’m going to run over to the store this afternoon and see if I can find a mattress that will work for me without requiring a stepladder to get in and out of bed! I guess there goes my sewing time this afternoon because I have a couple more errands and I’ll need to get my walk in when I get back. Maybe I can start cutting a little before the contractor gets around 12pm. 

13 thoughts on “I hate buying furniture!

  1. julierose

    Oh we went through the same thing–just like “Little Red Riding Hood” I guess–too high, too low (this isn’t good either with my knees being what they are!!) It is not easy….I don’t know what has happened to just the regular height of beds….I wish you luck in finding the “just right” one…hugs, Julierose

  2. Sherrill

    Have you considered a sleep number bed? That would allow both of you to adjust the mattress to your liking. I’ve had one for several years and adjust it from time to time. Would like one now that raises to head but not sure I’ll spend the $$$ for it!

  3. Marky Kuba

    I just got a new mattress set in March and was given a choice on the height of the box spring. An older couple who were shorter than me (I’m average) were buying the same mattress that day and the salesman absolutely encouraged them to get the “low profile” box spring. I suspect that’s what the floor model was, because my new set is much higher than what I saw in the store. It works for me, being fanny height, but I sure wouldn’t want it any higher!

  4. Nancy

    Love the bed and night tables, and I hope you can find a mattress that sits lower. I bought a new mattress and box spring about three years ago and discover NONE of my sheet sets would fit.

  5. Penny G

    Mattresses used to be 8 inches thick max, now they are 12-16. I have to climb into our bed and on dizzy days that isn’t fun. Good luck with finding a good mattress which is soft enough and supportive enough.

  6. Kim

    We exchanged our box for a shorter one because of the height issue as well. Did the trick. 😊
    Hope this is a possibility for you as well.

  7. Kate

    oh dear – I stayed with some friends one time who had an amazingly tall bed in their guest room – and I am only 5 foot 1 !! the bed height was above my bust level – try as I might there was no way I could get up in that bed….. but they were so sweet and i couldn’t tell them… so i slept on the floor and then mussed the bed up and told them what a great night’s sleep I had !!!

    you are right to fix this !!!! i know from experience…. 🙂

  8. Nancy Parisi

    The same thing happened to us just a couple of months ago. After a little bother we had the huge spring taken back, at the same time they delivered a very short foundation…not springs. The item is about 2 to 3 inches tall, and fits over the bed slats, under the mattress……what a relief. My husband is quite short, and had to use a step ladder to get into bed before we changed it.

  9. Charleen

    Sounds like everyone gave you the advice I was going to offer!! Hope you were able to find a low profile box spring that works for you. That’s what I went with and it made such a difference!!

  10. Kathie L

    I stayed with my brother last month, and his guest bedroom had a mattress that I swear was above my waist. It was a bear to try to get into. There can be too much of a good thing.

  11. Peg

    I had to have steps made to get into mine. And sheets are trickier to find to fit the deep mattress. But- I do love the extra cushion on top.

  12. Sally

    My husband is a carpenter, so was focused on how high our new bed would be with a thick mattress. Our solution was to add extra slats to the bed frame and skip the box spring. The box spring doesn’t do anything except add height. We don’t even notice we don’t have a box spring. I can’t imagine how high our bed would be with a box spring AND a mattress. (We thought we would even save some money by not getting a box spring, but there was only about a $25-30 difference.)

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