Not a single stitch sewn today but I did knit a little.

While we’re not going to start the actual kitchen remodel until October, we’re trying to finalize the layout before we leave for Big Canoe so the cabinets can be built. I spent a great deal of time today trying to rework the kitchen because we can’t find a fridge that fits in the current space. This is the old design and we’re looking at moving the fridge to where the pantry is (#24) and moving the pantry to where the fridge is in this drawing. You can’t really see it in the drawing but there’s a doorway between the two sections that dictates how big the fridge can be.

I’m still fight this crud although I’m anti-antibiotics as I told the Doctor yesterday during a routine appt. She made me promise I’d call if not well in another two weeks or if I start to get worse again. I’m ramping up my walking again but it’s hard with the heat and not feeling up to par. My goal is 11,500 steps per day which requires that I get a walk in that is about 4-5 miles as I don’t get many steps around the house. Earlier this week I did 3.5 miles as I started back on the daily walks and as a result didn’t hit goal. Overall, I’m not unhappy with the week’s results but that’s making an allowance for being sick.

We’re getting ready for Big Canoe so that means some shopping. It’s a fairly remote area with Walmart about 20 minutes away and Marietta, an Atlanta suburb about an hour’s drive. We needed a new vacuum, a set of sheets, a pitcher for sangria, some batting and thread, etc … It’s all in piles waiting to be packed in the car.

Rae attended her first ballet class today. She’s very excited and demonstrated some dancing for us but Keith thinks she might be more suited to gymnastics. She’s got a lot of energy and is not really a dainty kind of girl – just like her Gram! We can’t wait to see all the kids and are looking forward to being in GA a month and having multiple opportunities to spend time with them.

Macy’s is due to pick up the boxspring and deliver the lower profile ones on Thursday. It should drop the height of the bed 4 inches. I’m really looking forward to having this whole process done.

PS – I’m making progress assembling the hourglass top but at this rate I’ll drag it out all week!!

9 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Florence

    It’s awful that you’re still not feeling great! All those weeks of workmen remodeling bathrooms — and now your kitchen! You will be so happy to get to Big Canoe in peace — and, of course, your sweet grandchildren! Get well!

  2. Penny G

    Hope you feel better soon. The trip to Big Canoe sounds like truly a big trip this time. I would use Amazon Prime for everything so that it would arrive a within 2 days of ordering and be delivered to my door.

    My grand daughter has lots of energy too, but she explained that you have to take ballet to learn to listen so you can take the jazz/acrobatics class and then hip-hop where you get to go crazy. The instructor teaches them in that order because she has found the ability to listen is essential. My grand daughter took Gymnastics but she wasn’t thrilled because they did a lot of waiting since the gymnastics required waiting your turn in a class of 10. Any new thing required waiting, a walk on the balance beam required waiting, the bars required waiting and as a 3 year old she hated waiting.

  3. San

    Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Don’t they make under the counter refrigerators? Your granddaughter gets prettier every day doesn’t she.

  4. Angie

    When I’m sick, which is not very often, I lay low. No exercise except the daily household routine. I found I recover much faster than if I run around doing errands, gardening or walking. Those activities make me feel more blah…I sure hope you feel better soon. Whatever virus you have is dragging on a long time.
    Kitchen remodel is the worst. Have you looked at Sears for a new just the right size fridge. My friend has a space problem similar to yours, and that was the only place she could find the correct size fridge. Rae is adorable, and I would continue to encourage the ballet as it’s wonderful exercise for the body and appreciate music in the process. Have a safe trip.

  5. Karen

    Sounds like you need a change of scenery! Get rid of that crud! Seriously, hope you feel back to 100% soon! I have a question, what program did you use to do your kitchen lay out? We are building a new house and I still have yet to do my office layout, laundry room and sewing studio area. I can’t draw very well and other than lay things out on graph paper, there’s not much else I can do. I would love a simple program to help me!


  6. Anne O'Connor

    Wow you are so busy and sick as well. I bet when you get to big canoe you will suddenly realise just how badly you needed a holiday. It looks like you will be there all summer so that is good. From your previous posts I realize how pretty the area is. Enjoy your summer and the longarm quilting I am sure you will do. By the way I too am interested in your kitchen planning program. It is one I would use by the sound of it. Regards

  7. Susan

    What a lovely time you’re going to have. I’m only about 3 hours north of Marietta myself! Beautiful area – presuming you’ll be in the northeast corner? Somewhere in or near the Smokies?

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