Finally, the little hourglass top is done. This one will stay here for quilting.

You might recognize the fabrics, brought back from GA and also used in this top. Funny how different the tops look using a different background fabric although I also left out the pink/fuchsia fabrics.

You’ll see them again too because I’ve not made much of a dent in them with these two tops. It’s always a surprise to me how little of my fabric stash it takes to make a quilt and yet I keep collecting it.

Even though I got bored with making this top, I love hourglass quilts. I made this other one in 2013 and it might (or might not) actually get quilted in July. We’ll see. One of the reasons it hasn’t been quilted yet is that I haven’t decided whether to keep it or to give it as a gift.

3 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. julierose

    Two lovely tops!! You are really prolific in quilting. I am stuck with my top–AGAIN!! The lavender I got just doesn’t work….back to the drawing board….I am beginning to “not like” (=hate) this quilt…
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Barbara W

    I love the colors in the hourglass top, and yes, your stash multiplies when you turn your back on it.

  3. Judy

    To be so simple, hourglass quilts are so effective, and depending on fabric choices, can be so different. I especially like the low contrast ones, like your green and brown.

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