The Babylock Jane came with a nice extension table but I prefer my machine sitting flat with my sewing cabinet. 

So, I’m very excited that the insert arrived yesterday!

Now if I can just get the a/c duct added to the closet I’m going to store my fabric in, move all that fabric from the bins, and get the daybed and trundle out of my sewing room I’ll be happy. Settling in is an ongoing process!

6 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Bonnie in Va

    I may be in the market for a new sewing table. Will postpone decision until I can try the machine in the older sewing desk I have. I think machines have changed so much in 30+ years that I don’t think the machine will sit low enough to be flat with the desk.

  2. Angie

    Mary, I have the same sewing desk, but I think you have the extension in the back? I sure hope so as I find the Koala’s not very deep. Also, is there any way to move the swing out to the right of you? It really helps support the quilt when you are quilting.

  3. Kathy in WV

    Your Jane looks exactly like my Brother Nouvelle 1500s….except for the “name” and the red stripe across the top. If they are basically the same machine I know you’ll be happy with it. I wanted a workhorse of a machine that would only do a straight stitch for piecing and binding quilts. I have mine set up next to my longarm and it’s worked out very well. I must say, though, I envy your cabinet….blessings from a very soggy West Virginia.

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