I love string blocks

So easy to pick up and sew a few at a time. A few here, a few there, and a pile starts to build up. I need 35 blocks so looking at my bins of separated strings I decided I’d go with 5 each of turquoise, purple, green, blue, and pink, 3 orange, 4 red and 3 yellow. That equals 35 blocks and I’ll be done before I leave for Big Canoe and Jackie has already confirmed that she’s still willing to sash these at the September Maine sew-in. I have mentioned I hate sashing haven’t I?!  I think I’ll need to treat Jackie to a lobster roll when we’re in Maine. She’s as fond of them as I am. 

We had an HVAC guy scheduled to come tomorrow to put an A/C vent in the closet I’m going to use for fabric and to install two thermostats that can be programmed remotely — and he flaked out on us. We had several other scheduling challenges with him and so we’ve told him we’ll no longer be needing his services. That means the work won’t get done before we leave and I have to decide if we do the shuffling of fabric and furniture this weekend or just wait until we get back in August. I’m tempted to put it off and wait. 

8 thoughts on “I love string blocks

  1. Laura Haynes

    I would want my closet Ac finished first, so that no insulation had a chance to fall and get embedded in my fabric.

  2. Lizzy

    Mollie, why do you need air con in a closet? Is it to do with humidity? The state I live in is the driest state in Australia, so humidity is not an issue?

  3. sara

    String blocks are fun, but don’t you find them messy also? If I am going to do strings, I want to do a million at the same time to “justify” the mess, haha

    Love your one-color blocks, by the way

  4. Julierose

    I love string blocks–so relaxing and fun to make–I usually do scrappy ones–but I like your colorways on this grouping…hugs, Julierose

  5. Jackie

    Like the rainbow quilt. I need to make one. Keep up the great blog. Enjoy seeing what you do – quilting, knitting, exercise and most of all family.

  6. Sherrill

    I really should do more string blocks..they are quick and easy yet effective in a quilt. You’ll be gone quite awhile..think I’d wait (and I wouldn’t be calling that guy either!).

  7. diana

    Your rainbow blocks always look so coordinated, you have such a good eye for color. I could use fabrics from one collection and mine wouldn’t look like yours!

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