My Rainbow blocks are done so I pulled three possible sashing fabrics … Black, Purple, and Gray. Does any one stand out to you as the best choice?!! The black actually has some tone on tone dots that aren’t visible in the photos so it’s not quite as dark as it appears. I just realized that my turquoise blocks aren’t in the photo either … Not sure how I managed to exclude them! 

23 thoughts on “Sashing

  1. Susan

    I vote for the black. The gray seems washed out next to the bright blocks and the purple will get lost next to the purple blocks. I think the black will really make it all “pop”.

  2. Karen

    Purple because you can’t see a rainbow at night. Green, blue, or yellow would be good, too.

  3. Marky

    Most definitely black is my choice. It makes the colors pop. While it’s true you can’t see a rainbow at night, you can see colorful fireworks!

  4. Wendi

    I think I’m for the black too…..definitely NOT the gray…..Purple isn’t bad either, but black always sets off colors!

  5. Laura H

    Of these three, I prefer the black.
    I think that if the gray read as a solid, cool and a little darker, I would have chosen it. But, we use what we have right? A frequent topic near me has been “using the stash”. There’s been a rash of people decluttering their (or Mom’s stash) and donating to our group recently. Thankfully, one of the gals lets us store it in her garage.

  6. Ginger

    Since you mentioned the black has some dots in color, that will help tie it together with the blocks. I vote black.

  7. Susan

    LOL, looks like the vote is in, and if you follow public opinion, it will be black. I think any of them will look fine, though.

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