I thought I’d spend the afternoon in the sewing room but after meeting with the contractor to discuss the kitchen remodel, I had to go pick Keith up, we had a late lunch, and I’ve been canceling car related things for the last hour and a half. Who knew it was so much work to sell a car?!

We impulsively decide to sell the Avalon yesterday and Keith took it in this afternoon and walked out with a check. We’ve had some ongoing battery issues related to the car not being driven enough and we decided to go back to one car for now. We’re in an area where we can walk or bike to many places, Keith travels, and I’m a homebody when I’m not flying off somewhere.  We’ve had the car for 11 years so it has a lot of memories for us — including road trips with Chesty ….

and one of our favorite family vacations to South Dakota — it’s kind of sad to see it go. 

6 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Susan

    Wow, you’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it and still got a check from it. That’s amazing! I spent summers in South Dakota for five years – Lemmon – and I loved it there. If the winters weren’t so cold, I might have stayed year round when I quilt full-timing.

  2. Penny G

    Isn’t it funny how things have so many memories associated with them? I am glad you are down to one car for a while. When you need one you will get, but your neighborhood is amazing for things to do.

  3. Girl in the Stix

    We finally sold my MILs car. It was a ’98, but had only just turned over the 100,000 mark. My husband was sad to see it go–his mom died a few years ago. But it was time to let it go. It was just sitting around most of the time.

    It was nice to see the photo of Chesty.

    All the best, V

  4. Evelyn/Starfishy

    Awww! I get attached to my cars too. I sold my truck last year and had it for 10 years (my USA car). This summer I am selling my Canada car (13 years old and I think 60,000 miles). Trying to be a 1 car, 1 country family. When you don’t drive them enough it gets expensive. Might as well rent a car here and there, as needed! Cheers!

  5. Moneik Stephens

    The SD pictures are so fun to look at. We live here, so they are routine experiences for us. Glad you had such a fun driving experience here. I worked at Mt. Rushmore for 6 summers in college and it was an amazing experience.

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