I always underestimate how much time it takes me to get ready and pack for a trip and how much time it takes me to catch up when I get home. I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing this week!!

Ok, maybe not nothing – I needed to plan a couple knitting projects for the time at Big Canoe – my scarf isn’t done yet but I’ll finish it before I get back (I think). So first up, pulling yarn for a crochet scarf – this is the cotton yarn I’ve been stocking up on especially since moving to FL. I’ve outgrown the bin and my smaller skeins were getting separated from the larger skeins so I took time out to organize. 

Now it’s all in the bigger bin and I’ve updated my Ravelry stash so I can see what I have without digging through the bin. 

I also pulled yarn for a scarf and cast on … First one scarf, then another, neither working for me and I pulled them both out. In the meantime, I realized what I was doing wrong on the first one so I’m going to cast that one on again tonight.  I’ll have 3 projects with me but there’s more yarn in GA if I finish all 3 (won’t happen!). 

Normally Keith doesn’t pay attention to my yarn and fabric shopping but I explained to him that I probably already have more yarn and fabric than I could use up in my lifetime but I keep stocking up because I’m planning for retirement when $$$ will probably be tighter!!  Like other quilters and knitters, it’s my retirement savings plan. 

In case anyone was wondering about the yarn – it’s Wolle’s color changing cotton – an unplied fingering weight yarn. It takes a bit of experience to get used to the 4 strands of unplied yarn but I love it and it’s worth the effort! Elisabeth has a forum on Ravelry and does a preorder once a month – you’ve got to place your order before it’s gone so it’s not the easiest yarn to buy but as you can see from the size of my stash, it’s not too hard either. 


7 thoughts on “Wrong!

  1. Lindseyf

    I totally get the “retirement planning” justification because that is my what I doing – building my stash now in anticipation that there will not be as much spending money for my fabric and yarn purchases in the future.

  2. Sherrill

    I always said that about buying for retirement when I was adding to the fabric stash. Never expecting my DH to die so young and me having to pack up all the stash and downsize has really made me regret all my buying sprees. And to make it worse, losing the desire to quilt at all for a long time made it more difficult. Now I look at the stash and hope that I don’t die before I get a lot of it ‘re-homed’ so my kids don’t think ill of me!! UGH, need to get busy!

  3. diana

    Molly, hope your retirement plan works better for you than it did for me! lol! Everytime I bought fabric that’s what I told myself and anybody who was asking. I’ve been retired for 10 years and I’m still buying fabric! lol! How’s that go, where there’s a will there’s a way! 🙂

  4. SaraF

    I’ve always said the same – that I’m stocking up on fabric for my retirement. But now it’s time to prove that I can sew mostly from my stash for awhile. Some new disciplined habits will need to be formed.

  5. cityquilter grace

    good planning…i am still no buy since january and no end in sight to projects that can be made with the on-hand stash! i am guessing the stash will run out when my eyesight fails, so that would be good timing…

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