You win

I really, really wanted to use gray for sashing those rainbow string blocks even with the overwhelming choice being black – an easy choice with brights for sure but I was going to ignore your advice until Jackie voted for the black too. Since she’s sashing the blocks she tipped the scale in your favor! I’ll save the gray for another project. 

Chris got a good laugh when they FaceTimed me this afternoon. I was upstairs and Rae asked to speak to Pop. I told her we’d have to go down and see if he was still working. 

He’s been giving me a hard time about interrupting when he’s busy and said he was going to put a sign on the door since just closing the door didn’t seem to keep me out. He was actually joking and it’s not as bad here as it was in the apartment where his desk was in the middle of our open living space especially since my sewing room and the chair I knit in are upstairs and his office is downstairs. It really is nice to have our own separate spaces!

2 thoughts on “You win

  1. SaraF

    That is funny! I had to move my office down to the basement when I started working from home a couple of years ago because my husband kept talking to me. He also works from home but had a hard time adjusting to me being there too. Kind of funny. Now that I’m semi-retired I’m under foot even more. LOL

  2. Wendi

    You share so much about yourself and your family…I almost feel like I know you. Thank you for being so open about your activities and family……I love reading your blogs…….

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