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Every now and then it seems like a good idea to remind people how my MaryQuilts site came about. I’d been blogging for about a year and a half and I’d get lots of questions about the patterns I’d used for the quilts I was sharing – in most cases, there weren’t patterns that I was working from. I would use traditional blocks and create them in a size and setting that suited me and rather than respond to multiple emails, I found it easier to post brief details about the quilt and direct people to that page. 

I never intended the site to be anything more than a supplement to my blog but unfortunately the links get shared and then the negativity shows up in my inbox. Why aren’t there fabric requirements listed? Why aren’t the directions more detailed? Resize the quilt to queen/king size and tell me the amount of fabric I’ll need…. No one reads the statements I include on the first page of the website.

This site is intended to provide brief instructions for my quilts and they assume you have a basic knowledge of quilting.

And this …

Because my quilts are scrappy and made from stash, fabric yardage calculations for most of my quilt instructions are not available and when included, they are estimates only – click here for more information. I am unable to resize quilts to meet individual needs, I get too many requests and I’m too busy quilting

And when I respond to requests or demands or complaints, they don’t read my response. Today I specifically responded to someone who complained that my ”pattern” didn’t contain detailed cutting instructions. I shared the above information and told if she was unfamiliar with how to piece log cabin quilts from strips … To google it AND I gave her a Quilt in a Day link showing her how to do it. She insisted that my  ”pattern” was the problem, not her lack of experience/knowledge. 

So, once again I’ll state – if the brief instructions I share on my site for FREE aren’t detailed enough for you, maybe you need to PURCHASE a pattern. I’m not in the business of writing and selling patterns.

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  1. Deb Praus

    This seems to be an on-going problem in the internet world, especially if you offer it for free! Hope you can let it roll off and go on doing what you are doing. Thanks for all the sharing you do!

  2. Susan

    People – some people – have a sense of entitlement that absolutely amazes me. I know they’re out there though.

  3. Lizzy

    I think that is one thing the internet has fostered – people expect to be spoon fed what they want for nothing. No gratitude.
    I love what you do and I am always looking a patterns and thinking how I can adapt it to my preferences.
    And if I don’t have time to do that, I buy exactly what i want.

    Keep up the great work Mollie, there are plenty of us who really do appreciate it.

  4. Chris

    Just ignore all of those goofy people. All that you do is appreciated by a lot of us. Thank-you so much.

  5. Linda

    Love your website, and the patterns I have made the pinwheel and 9 patch using your excellent pattern, and it is well loved. Perhaps some readers do not understand that scrap quilts are not a science but an art! Thanks so much for putting in the time and effort.

  6. Ruth

    A simple “I’m sorry something you are getting for free inconveniences you” response seems perfectly in order along with a shift of their email to the trash should there be further complaints.

  7. Elizabeh

    Enjoy your time in GA and quilt and knit when you want and relax when you want! I love your blog and have used several of your patterns with no issues. I appreciate your willingness to share and enjoy your family tidbits as well.

    I follow several quilt related blogs and lately this theme of the blogger not doing enough has reared its ugly head. I am afraid the hateful mood that has invaded the country is now finding its way into the quilt world which makes me very sad. You are amazing it all the volunteer work you do so know there are a lot of us that appreciate you!


  8. Shari

    Must be a full moon somewhere. Something similar happened over in Quiltville. I guess the rude and ungrateful are everywhere. So sorry this happened to you. Enjoy your time at the cabin.

  9. Sharon Ray

    I want to thank you so much for your website. It is wonderful. You must ignore the idiots out there. There are so many more people who are truly grateful for your info. Since my husband’s passing, I have discovered all these wonderful sites. They have helped my grieving process for which I am so thankful. You reach a lot of people in a positive way which is so helpful in today’s stressful world. Have fun in your travels!

  10. Gwenyth Kay

    I do not understand what is wrong with people these days. I am truly grateful to you and all your mainly American fellow bloggers for their patterns and tutorials, without them I would not have learnt to quilt. I live in England so cannot support your chosen charities directly so my local hospice which I already support gets a little extra. I have limited finances so the fact that these things are free is a bonus. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  11. Judy

    Please ignore those complainers and keep doing what you do so well. I especially appreciate your ad-free blog. I find those pop up ads so annoying and have stopped reading other blogs because of them. Your website is great and I appreciate the time it must have taken to set it up. Thanks for all you do for the quilting world.

  12. Ellie

    Good for you! It’s amazing what “service” people expect, free of charge of course. People can be so pushy when they think they are entitled the sort of patterns and directions they would find in a book or magazine they purchased.
    I think you do a fabulous job just the way you you do it!

  13. Nancy

    So sorry that you have to deal with people like that. Please just ignore them so the people that love your blog can continue to enjoy your creativity.

  14. Heather

    There is no making happy for some…..they don’t want to be happy ……I don’t even remember how I found your blog….but when I did I made sure to have a bookmark to get back….I think you were still in Minneapolis for at least 2 years or more before you made your big move…..I fell in love with strippie blocks and keep making them for donation and grands quilts… your simple to see ‘patterns’ and you also got me back into knitting socks and scarfs lol….. Enjoy your time and the grandkids !

  15. Pat K

    So sorry that you are having issues with some people. I love reading your blog and using your patterns that you share with us. It’s to bad that people can’t do basic math and figure stuff out for themselves. I look forward to your blog each day and your website to see what you are sharing and inspiring us with each day! Please don’t stop/change. If they need to be spoon fed…they can go look elsewhere.
    Have a great time in GA!

  16. San

    Mary, I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m always impressed by the amount of lovely quilts you get done, as well as the information you share about them. More than once I’ve referred back to your FREE pattern ideas, which are easy to find on your blog and am GRATEFUL that you took the time and energy to share. To those who feel entitled to have everything served to them on a silver platter, I say, “get a butler.”

  17. Linda H

    There must be a full moon … this is the second blog site that I visited in the last few days where people COMPLAIN that the blog they read doesn’t give THEM everything they need … geez, people … be adult … READ the directions … use your gray matter to figure it out or search for an answer on the Internet … no hand holding is promised when you use the gift that someone shares with you. OK … jumping off my soapbox … shaking my head at some people though. THANK YOU for all you do, Mary … it is very much appreciated by this fan!

  18. Bllie

    The things you share with us are great, kids, grand kids, patterns and adventures. I’m sorry you have to deal with a person like that. Hopefully people will learn to love what you share with us and look for what you don’t have for patterns some place else.

  19. Tish

    Don’t worry what those people say. I love your blog and all you do, that’s why I’m involved with HeartStrings. Keep doing what you do and you will be blessed.

  20. Kristy Wilkinson

    Many blessings on you today. Your blog is one of my favorites. I too read it every day you post. I love your patterns and made my son your double 4 patch quilt. I did have to do some math! 🙂 It was great fun to have him help me and you answered my questions when I asked. Thanks so much for all you share with us. We are on this journey together. Thanks for your encouragement along the way. Have a wonderful day and have fun in Georgia. K-

  21. diana

    Molly, I for one don’t say it enough, but thank you for all the instructions on your website, it’s so great that you take the time to do this for us! Some people will never be happy, I’ve been working on using up my rwb 2.5 inch squares on your bricks pattern, and having such a good time making nine patches, so thank you again. Hope you and Keith have a wonderful vacation, enjoying time with your family! 🙂

  22. Janet

    I just read your entry and I felt I needed to let you know that I am absolutely amazed at all you share with us via the blog. I can’t believe how much you accomplish each day and how generous you are with all the information you share. I also can’t believe someone would complain and expect you to provide detail information. It is very apparent to me that you are doing this not to make money, but to share your accomplishments and help anyone willing to read and view your content. There are plenty of web sites that charge a pretty penny and really are limited in what they provide. You give so very much and never think twice. I am truly impressed by all you do and share. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and fun with the family. Thank you for doing what you do each day and sharing with us.

  23. Cindy in NC

    I want to add my thanks for the patterns, information, encouragement, and entertainment you provide at no cost to those of us who read your blog. I discovered this site when I was struggling to find a meaningful use for the fabric I inherited from my mother that I knew I didn’t want to keep. Thanks to your pillowcase tutorial I was able to honor her memory by making and donating more than 200 pillowcases over the course of the following 12 months. Some went to female soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and some went to the Million Pillowcase Challenge. As frustrating as these complaints must surely be, they have at least served as a reminder to me (and others) of the importance of taking time to say “thank you.”

  24. Anya

    Ignore all the complainers. They’re not worth your time. The rest of us are very appreciative of your willingness to share! And we know how to Google!

  25. Dottie Newkirk

    Good for you!! Sadly, we live in a time that people (fortunately not all) CANNOT take the time to READ what is written OR feel that the limited information DOES NOT apply to them……Hopefully, they are in the minority, but, they sure do make the old adage “it takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel” come to the forefront….

  26. Shirley

    I want to again thank you for your website and all that you share. Your patterns and directions are very helpful and inspiring. Some individuals are just born to be complainers. Enjoy the 4th and quality time with your family:)

  27. Fiona McMillin

    Hear here. I find many people do not read thru texts, messages and/or emails. I am very appreciative of your patterns and have used many for charity quilts ( with credit ) and have adapted to fit some size requirements

  28. Linda in NE

    It seems that no matter how much you give people for free some of them always want more. Can’t they do a little simple math & figure it out for themselves??? I enjoy seeing the quilts you design and I think anyone with a little quilting experience should be able to figure them out from the picture. Detailed cutting instructions indeed! Thank you for all you do….I think there are times you work harder than some with paying jobs…like quilting 15 quilts in a month. I just finished quilting & binding 3 donation sized quilts over the past week and that’s plenty for me.

  29. Ellen

    I’m sorry. I cannot understand WHY anyone feels entitled to complain on a free shared blog. You share your time and your experiences.

    It must be complaint-entitled week. Bonnie over at Quiltville got a bunch too.

    People….be civil! Be grateful. If you need complete and concrete information, buy a damn book or take a class that includes instructions and patterns.

    Carry on Mary. Your work is fabulous and thank you for sharing. I come here for inspration and sharing. You spark ideas and I take my own tangents.

  30. Jeannie Heier

    Ditto on the supportive comments from others who follow your blog Mary. There have always been selfish people in this world. Only now they have a worldwide platform in the Internet for uttering their narcissistic ingratitude. If they don’t like what they get on your site, they can go elsewhere. No one forces them to visit you if they don’t like what they get. All they do is expose their own shallowness when they whine and complain. There are plenty of us who do value you and your blog. End of rant. Thank you Mary for all you do.

  31. Sandra Clarke

    Mary, You have a great site & people can be so rude & assuming. It sometimes seems the more you try to help some, the more they demand. Sorry you have to listen to the whines. Thanks for inspiring me.

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