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The sewing room is closed!

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I closed/covered the machines, emptied the trash, and this is what 4 weeks of work looks like all ready to be packed in the car for our drive home on Tuesday. Saturday and Sunday will be spent with Adam and the kids here at Big Canoe and Monday is for last minute chores around the house and I might even go to the pool and read. 

I hit my goal of getting 15 tops quilted along with other items on the below. 

Quilted – 15 of 15 done

Trimmed – 10

Kitted projects – 6

Pieced backings – 10

Pieced batting – 4

Borders added – 1

Kitted for piecing in FL

✂️Blue/green LeMoyne 

✂️Green 5 stars

✂️Gr/brown carpenter star

✂️Brown Sharon Quilt

✂️Pink/orange Sharon quilt

✂️Scrappy log cabin

One of the way I stay organized between the two houses is to make lists. I’ve listed out the tops still here waiting for quilting – 14 of mine, 1 of Mom’s. Can you believe that after piecing 10, I still have 9 more tops waiting for pieced backs? At least I’ve pulled fabric for 6 of them. 


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So good!

EDIT: my Sangria recipe

2 cups of Merlot

1 cup of orange juice

1 cup of cranberry juice

A cup of ice with orange slices, a lime slice, maraschino cherries, and strawberry slices when we have them. ( We tend to leave out the strawberries for simplicity).

Pour the wine/juice mixture over the ice/fruit mixture, stir and enjoy!




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It wasn’t the top I’d intended to quilt but with the front switches needing casings, I decided a pantograph would be easiest. This is my Sashed 9 patch and it’s also a UFO – quilted with the Blowing Leaves panto. I love accomplishing a goal – this is the 15th top quilted in July!

I also cut all the dark logs for my log cabin. These bins will work but I wished I’d bought two of the smaller ones although I guess if I ever want to make a larger block I’ll need the extra spaces. Tomorrow will be the last day working in the sewing room and I’ll cut the lights for the log cabin.  Monday, I’ll close everything up until the next trip. We originally planned to be here two weeks at Christmas but that might not work out now, we’ll see. 

Rest day!

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I slept late and didn’t sew or hike! We drove into Marietta this afternoon and ran a few errands before meeting Chris, Becky, Rae, and Keith’s niece Samanatha for dinner at the Melting Pot. It was dark but we did get a photo of the kids.

I also stopped in at Joann’s. Remember the log cabin top I quilted the other day? It’s the only one I’ve cut out with my GO log cabin die … I’ve been wanting to make another but was worried about all the little pieces and getting them back to FL in a way that would make it easy to keep them organized and neat. I found two of these bins that should work. I can put all the strips in according to size and once the top is closed, they won’t be going anywhere.  This is my ”pattern” that I’ll use and I think this one will be completely scrappy. I just hope I have enough time to cut it out before we leave. 

This is what the blocks looks like cut …. 

The pieces will stay nice and neat in these bins. 

I also started hat #3. It’s a free pattern and they have lots of others too. Knots of Love hat patterns. 


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One of my goals while here was to piece some leftovers into useable battings. Using the zigzag stitch on my machine, I pieced 4 battings for the smaller size tops I quilt in FL and they’re packed up and ready to go back home with me next week. 

There are still leftovers in the closet but it’s a more manageable stack. 


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Another UFO, my 4 patches on the diagonal top is now quilted. 

While I’m not really a fan of plain meandering, I love quilting allover meandering type designs. This is Fern Ziggle from the Pajama Quilter DVD. I haven’t quilted it in a while and it shows but overall I’m happy with it. 

What I wasn’t happy with was my machine acting up – I had a switch going bad and I wasn’t sure if it was the right or left one. I had extra switches but only one casing. I tried switching out from the back but the metal connector came out so that one needs replacing too. My old switches shown below were different from the ones they’re making now – mine was a single part as opposed to a switch and a casing which the new ones are. 

So, until I get the new casings I’ll have to handle these carefully. Luckily there’s just one more top to quilt and I may just quilt it with a pantograph from the back. 


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One of my older UFO’s from 2012 – a log cabin top, quilted freehand with dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD and #13 of 15 to be quilted in July – just two left!

More yarn for hats was also wound into balls. I’d forgotten I had this yarn here. The pink is a fingering weight and will make a nice lightweight hat but they sure take longer to knit, all the others are worsted weight. I finished my second hat tonight but still have to weave my ends in once I find a smaller needle. 

We hiked 6 miles today and it was 95 degrees when we headed out – thank goodness the trail is shaded.