One of my goals while here was to piece some leftovers into useable battings. Using the zigzag stitch on my machine, I pieced 4 battings for the smaller size tops I quilt in FL and they’re packed up and ready to go back home with me next week. 

There are still leftovers in the closet but it’s a more manageable stack. 

7 thoughts on “Batting

  1. Penny G

    I am going through 2 drawers full of batting scraps so I know how good it feels to see it decrease.

  2. Linda H

    Mary ~ I applaud your ability to be organized between two homes and traveling as much as you do. The secret is to probably finish something and store it where it will be out of the way until it’s time to move it, I would think. Good use for those odd sized leftover bats … I will have to give that a try!

  3. Sherrill

    When will you be in GA again? You’ve got quite a bit in both places and just keeping it organized would drive me bonkers! You’ve got it all covered quite nicely though!

  4. The Joyful Quilter

    I think that I need to take a page out of your book and stitch together the little craft batts that I bought for baby quilts. The individual batts are about 35 x 45 and I really like to make mine larger (so the can see extended use.) Oh, well… that’s a project for another day!

  5. Carolyn J

    I have very little leftover batting since I discovered the press on batting tape. In a quick pressing, two pieces of batting are joined into one. It is worth whatever it costs. I can make a piece as large as I want with that tape. And you can’t tell that used the tape once the batting is in the quilt. Love the product and really appreciate how fast I can join two batting sections. No more waiting till I fell motivated to spend an afternoon piecing batting.

  6. Bonnie in Va

    Do you tend to buy the same batting all the time? I am trying to stay organized by recording the sizes of leftover batting. I’ll also sew batts together if it looks like they are the same product. But I seem to buy too many different styles. Sigh.

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