Rest day!

I slept late and didn’t sew or hike! We drove into Marietta this afternoon and ran a few errands before meeting Chris, Becky, Rae, and Keith’s niece Samanatha for dinner at the Melting Pot. It was dark but we did get a photo of the kids.

I also stopped in at Joann’s. Remember the log cabin top I quilted the other day? It’s the only one I’ve cut out with my GO log cabin die … I’ve been wanting to make another but was worried about all the little pieces and getting them back to FL in a way that would make it easy to keep them organized and neat. I found two of these bins that should work. I can put all the strips in according to size and once the top is closed, they won’t be going anywhere.  This is my ”pattern” that I’ll use and I think this one will be completely scrappy. I just hope I have enough time to cut it out before we leave. 

This is what the blocks looks like cut …. 

The pieces will stay nice and neat in these bins. 

I also started hat #3. It’s a free pattern and they have lots of others too. Knots of Love hat patterns. 

6 thoughts on “Rest day!

  1. Penny G

    I am so glad you didn’t teach me to rest. Love the log cabin pieces and I am very happy you found an easy storage method. Hope you have fun now that you have to go to work.

  2. Linda H

    I also have the GO log cabin die … do you like it? Is it easy to use? I haven’t tried mine yet; think I’m a little intimidated by it. Appreciate your thoughts, Mary!

  3. Karen

    That is such a great idea for the bin. I have used them for cross stitch threads and art supplies, but hadn’t thought of storing fabric strips in them. Thanks!

  4. julierose

    Super idea for LC strips…I will be making a log cabin for each of my twin grandsons soon and this would definitely work for me…thanks for sharing hugs,Julierose

  5. San

    That’s going to be a pretty log cabin. I’ve also found Big Lots to have the best price on stackable containers which hold project kits very well.

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