It wasn’t the top I’d intended to quilt but with the front switches needing casings, I decided a pantograph would be easiest. This is my Sashed 9 patch and it’s also a UFO – quilted with the Blowing Leaves panto. I love accomplishing a goal – this is the 15th top quilted in July!

I also cut all the dark logs for my log cabin. These bins will work but I wished I’d bought two of the smaller ones although I guess if I ever want to make a larger block I’ll need the extra spaces. Tomorrow will be the last day working in the sewing room and I’ll cut the lights for the log cabin.  Monday, I’ll close everything up until the next trip. We originally planned to be here two weeks at Christmas but that might not work out now, we’ll see. 

6 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. ---"Love"

    You have another very pretty quilt with pretty quilting too! That storage box looks like it works well! I’ve seen those, but never got one. That may have to change. —“Love”

  2. The Joyful Quilter

    Congrats! on meeting your goal of 15 quilted quilts in July. Sorry the last one wasn’t the one that you had wanted to finish. It will keep until next time… whenever next time is!

  3. Denise Porter

    Love the UFO you quilted. Your work is always inspirational. Must be so frustrating for you to be so far away from your long arm! Maybe some time I’ll have time to do some quilting. Right now I am so busy have to get my fix vicariously!!

  4. Keek

    I love the way you organize the pieces. Something so simple and effective. I feel silly for not thinking of it myself. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t sew log cabin quilts. Too many pieces that get all over the place.

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