So good!

EDIT: my Sangria recipe

2 cups of Merlot

1 cup of orange juice

1 cup of cranberry juice

A cup of ice with orange slices, a lime slice, maraschino cherries, and strawberry slices when we have them. ( We tend to leave out the strawberries for simplicity).

Pour the wine/juice mixture over the ice/fruit mixture, stir and enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Sangria

  1. Penny G

    I don’t have enough information to reproduce the recipe so I could give my opinion, but I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Girl in the Stix

    That looks delightful! You certainly got a lot accomplished on this trip. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful places around your home.

  3. KatieQ

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I enjoy making Sangria during the summer, but never thought of adding cranberry juice. I’ll have to try your recipe for my next batch.

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