The sewing room is closed!

I closed/covered the machines, emptied the trash, and this is what 4 weeks of work looks like all ready to be packed in the car for our drive home on Tuesday. Saturday and Sunday will be spent with Adam and the kids here at Big Canoe and Monday is for last minute chores around the house and I might even go to the pool and read. 

I hit my goal of getting 15 tops quilted along with other items on the below. 

Quilted – 15 of 15 done

Trimmed – 10

Kitted projects – 6

Pieced backings – 10

Pieced batting – 4

Borders added – 1

Kitted for piecing in FL

✂️Blue/green LeMoyne 

✂️Green 5 stars

✂️Gr/brown carpenter star

✂️Brown Sharon Quilt

✂️Pink/orange Sharon quilt

✂️Scrappy log cabin

One of the way I stay organized between the two houses is to make lists. I’ve listed out the tops still here waiting for quilting – 14 of mine, 1 of Mom’s. Can you believe that after piecing 10, I still have 9 more tops waiting for pieced backs? At least I’ve pulled fabric for 6 of them. 

7 thoughts on “The sewing room is closed!

  1. diana

    WOW! It’s amazing how much you got done and you didn’t spend every waking moment in the sewing room. I know you must have said it before, but which one of the accuquilt cutters do you have. I’m going to buy one, and I’m not sure whether to buy the Studio2 or not. I don’t want to buy one of the other lighter models and then find out I should have bought the heavier one! Have a safe trip home and thanks for taking us on your trip with you! Love all the pictures

  2. KatieQ

    I am really impressed with all that you got done is what I consider to be a short time.You may have blogged about it before, but I am interested in how you decide how to piece your backings. I find that decision harder than what fabrics and blocks I use for the top of the quilt.

  3. Judy

    Congratulations on all of your finishes. And you still took time to enjoy your family and your beautiful surroundings. Thanks again for sharing.

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