It was a wonderful day 💕

Individual photos would probably be easier to see but this collage shows how wonderful our day was. Everyone else is in bed but I’m enjoying looking through my photos of the day. Bree turns two in a couple weeks but we’ll be gone by then so we celebrated tonight.  I try not to be jealous but she loves her Pop best ….

5 thoughts on “It was a wonderful day 💕

  1. Sara F

    Those are wonderful family photos to treasure. And I’m in the same boat – all 5 of my grandkids like grandpa best. I’m accepting it for what it is.

  2. Penny G

    Looks like a wonderful day! Your title is perfect. Little girls tend to love daddy/grandpa best and I think that builds an unbreakable bond. Moms/grandmas are around to fix things like a scrape or when things go wrong, daddy and grandpa play and open the world to fun

  3. diana

    Beautiful family pictures, thanks for sharing them. All those smiles show that it was a wonderful day! You capture the spirit of the day and will be able to look back on it many times and remember!

  4. Kathie L

    Lovely family pictures. I know just how you feel. We just spent a week taking care of a 2 year old granddaughter while her mom was giving birth to her little brother. What a fun week Pappy and I had with her.

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