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A little of this and that

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Lisa and I have been working on her family genealogy and she’s been amazed at some of the information we’ve been able to find online. Today we had no appointments so we went to the cemetery to put flowers on my Dad’s grave and then out to lunch. 

After we got back, I did a 5.5 mile walk. While the Nolan Trail is nearby, I really prefer to walk out the door rather than having to drive somewhere to walk so I save the trail for the really hot days and the other days, I walk to the Lion’s Bridge and back. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me — Keith is flying home tonight just ahead of Tropical Storm HERMINE. It’s supposed to cross the state north of us but I’m flying home from VA early Friday morning and Chris, Becky, and Rae are supposed to be driving to Tampa on Friday too. There’s already some local flooding according to the news but I’m hoping none of our travel plans get interrupted. 

Churn Dash

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I’ve still got Churn Dash quilts on my mind. I drafted this one for Mom since I’d just sent her the GO 9 inch churn dash die for Maureen’s quilt. 

Set blocks 3×4

Churn dash block is 9 inches (9.5 with seam allowances)

Framing strips are cut 1.5 inches and finish at 1 inch

1 inch inner border – cut 1.5

3 inch border – cut 3.5

Quilt is 41 x 52

That was quick!

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We enjoyed his visit but it was quick and Keith is already heading home … We did some walking while he was here …

Went out to dinner with my brother and SIL…

…and after I dropped him off at the airport this afternoon I went for a walk … You know how much I love the water. I’m enjoying seeing the James River on my walks. 

Race Day

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One of the ways I keep motivated to do my walking is to participate in races. Chris sent me a link the other day to a virtual race – one that you do wherever you are on a certain day and report your results. Much easier than traveling to a specific location especially right now. 

Today I participated in a National Park Service Centennial Race – 10K 

The neat thing is they raised over $70,000 for the park service. 

My race bib

My race results

Email weirdness

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I’ve mentioned that I’m no longer getting email notifications for most of the comments on the blog and I go in every day or so to read them.  I try to respond to all questions and some of the other comments too although I don’t respond to every one. Imagine my surprise when I found 25 unsent messages going back to mid July in my outbox that had never gone out. I’ve been using a different email program and that may be part of the problem. 

I really don’t know what I’m going to do going forward, I thought I was doing OK checking for comments and responding but I may have to go back to my old email program if my responses are getting caught up. 
At any rate, this post is just to warn some of you that you might be getting an email response from me that was written a while back – excuse the weirdness please!!


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I’m really bad about labeling quilts these days but I love coming across one that has been labeled. This was a quilt I made about 3 months into my quilting adventure; it was intended for my grandmother but she died before I could give it to her so I gave it to Mom. For years it hung on the wall in her sewing room and when she moved and was giving away some of her quilts, my SIL wanted this one. 

It doesn’t look too bad for an almost 16 year old quilt!

Another finish

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This is the perfect hat right now… I’ve made 3 for my SIL in fingering weight yarn. 

I searched Ravelry for hats and have made several from worsted weight yarns that will be fine this fall and winter but it was hard to find a fingering weight yarn that she could use right now. This was from one of my books and I finished the 3rd one tonight and am ready to cast on another.