Hat Head

I’ve finished 3 hats and am working on #4 and now that I’m home I can show the finished ones on hat head!

First the red Hurricane hat. It’s a free pattern found on Ravelry – it’s the third one I’ve made and I will be making others. I love the pattern and it’s a quick knit. 

Size US 7 needles

Superwash wool, worsted weight yarn from stash

Back of Hurricane Hat

Not so quick was this one from one of my knitting books – Action One Skein hat (Ravelry link) – but I love how light weight it is. 

Size US 2 needles

Superwash wool, fingering weight yarn from stash

Back of the Action One Skein hat

Hat #3 is the Occasional Purl hat and I think I made this one a little short but I’m going to do another version of this one too. It’s also a free pattern. 

Size US 8 needles

Superwash wool, worsted weight yarn from stash

Back of the Occasional Purl hat

Hat #4 is also from fingering weight yarn so it’s taking longer but I’m making progress. 

3 thoughts on “Hat Head

  1. Nancy

    Love all the hats. I’m looking to ways to use my sock yarn, so I need to start knitting something beside socks.

    Does the one-skein hat start with about 150 sts?

  2. wendiq

    I really like the “Hurricane Hat” and the “Occasional Purl” but all are nice…..You have become quite a good knitter, Mary/Molly…….:)

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